Sell device bundles in the Wyze store

Hey guys I was just thinking of some things for you guys. You guys sell these cameras and everything individually. But why not create kits as well. Sell everything individually and in kits would be a great way to bring people in. And the combinations could be endless. For instance. You could have one kit that has a basic starter kit including 1 Cam of choice or make a pan kit and v2 kit with everything they would need to get a solid foundation including sd card and mount for a bundle price. Or kits of 3 to 4 cameras with 15 ft cables for exterior or something similar. Kits would be an awesome way to expand the store a bit and group things for people that want quick and easy ordering. With possibly some bundle pricing and options. Or maybe even a build a kit. Select the cameras. Accessories and all just from one product page. Just an idea.

I think once that there is a main product line available, then there will be the availability to break out. The negative to kits is that people have to want exactly just that. Sometimes that can lead to surplus that takes time to sell when they can sell each part or accessory individually at a quicker rate. :slight_smile:

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To a point yes. But also it accomplishes the same thing some of the other bigger companies do. They sell packs of three or so to make it one package being shipped or bought vrs individualized packages being bought. I know that when I ordered my first three pans they came in one box that held all three. But then I am just saying why not have three packs that possibly could come just all together. Or as I was saying have some kits for like long range install. I think its something that could be simple and doable.

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The signs would be cool.

See this one for signs (stickers):

Can you sell the cams as multi-packs? I purchased the cam as a 3-pak last year but it’s not there anymore. Many of us buy more than one cam at a time so a multi-pak deal makes sense.


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I would love if they would do a package of cameras together. Like say four cameras package together I’m not even necessarily asking for a discount just so that we could get for cameras a slight discount would be nice but rarely do you need just one camera. And when they go to the outside cameras I definitely think they should do some sort of package deal of four or maybe even six cameras Because to cover all of the areas you’re going to need several different cameras and it would be easier if they just offered it as a package deal.

Yes multi packs I think are very very necessary. You can buy one lightbulb but you would typically need more than one. And they sell them in a bulk of four for that reason. But they don’t sell cameras in a bundle. Maybe indoor cameras I can see selling individually but when it comes to the outdoor cameras they got to sell them and some kind a bundle. I have an acreage right now that I have a “professional installed “camera system that needs replaced and I would need at least four cameras minimum and I would like closer to eight.