Sell Additional Wyze Doorbell Chimes Separately

This made it sounds like I could already get more, yet here I am still unable to hear the doorbell throughout my house. Really looking forward to this being available. Production for anything right now is insane, so I’m sure they’ll get to it when they can, but right now it doesn’t look like one could even order the doorbell.

From the advert:

Hear your doorbell ring, chirp, or bark from any room.

Pair any number of wireless Wyze Chimes with your doorbell so every room in your house is ready to alert you when someone’s at the door. One chime is included with each Wyze Video Doorbell.

Would like to purchase several chime boxes for rooms throughout my house. My wife if hard-of-hearing.
Please advise when product will be available for purchase.
Thank you.
Ray DeFrain

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in the interim, Do you have any alexa devices? Or use Alexa at all? I use Alexa to turn on Wyze color bulbs around the house to a certain color if our doorbell is pressed. I am also hard of hearing and the visual cue helps me also.

This is now available through! :grin:


I ordered the new “pro” version ONLY because in the email link, on of the chimes was a dog that sounded exactly like our dog… it finally came and I connected it up and no dog chime. BS

I don’t seem to be able to find the email you speak of in my inbox, but on the Doorbell Pro store page they have some sample chimes sounds you can play. On one is a dog bark, maybe that’s what you heard.

On my Doorbell Pro that is “Dog Bark” on the sound selection. There is also another dog bark listed as “Dog Bark 2”.

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What app version are you using? I see the dog bark sounds like @Newshound .

App version 2.27.33

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Same version, called tech support. They had me factory reset the doorbell and uninstall my app and reinstall, everything is up to date.

@Omgitstony and @Maruna – I am on iOS, but you both are on Android. What is your hardware? (I assume you are still broke, @Maruna?)

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Pixel 3, Android 12.

Also I am using what is probably a Beta version of firmware, 1.0.52. Is that what you guys are using (Doorbell Settings > Device Info)?

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Same, 1.0.52.

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@R.Good wrote and said he was on:

  • Samsung Note10+ and Pixel 6
  • Android App 2.27.33
  • VDBP Pro FW 1.0.52

And he only sees 6 chime sounds.

So @Omgitstony has the same app & FW versions as @Maruna, on a Pixel 3 w/Android 12, and sees 19.

@R.Good, @Omgitstony and myself all see 19 on iOS 2.27.16 (Beta). So iOS is good.

So even if @Maruna turns out to be working now, there is an issue with something because @R.Good is broke. Maybe Android Hardware or OS version compatibility?

It will help to have more input from @Maruna on what hardware & Android OS they are using. Also whether they are fixed or not, because if they are fixed, then the factory reset the doorbell or uninstall/reinstall of the app may have fixed them.

@R.Good – While we are waiting for @Maruna to clarify, you may want to try the uninstall/reinstall of the app since your iOS works (so guessing you don’t need to reset the doorbell).

keep scrolling down, this what we are looking at are at the top of the list.

Will happily do so… In the meantime, my side by side comparison rendered the below list

Different Chimes by OS

Android V2.27.33 On a Note10+ and Pixel 6 iOS V2.27.16(5) Beta On a 12 Max Pro
Clear Doorbell Clear Doorbell
Ecscalating Bell Ecscalating Bell
Curiosity Curiosity
Surprise Surprise
Happy Share Happy Share
Simple Doorbell Simple Doorbell
Antique Doorbll
Classic Doorbell
Space Wave
Bird Chirp
Dog Bark
Dog Bark 2
Door Close
Door Open
Reverb Bell
Delicate Bell
Tiny Pluck
Tiny Pluck Arpeggio
Intruder Alarm

Ok, so some interesting results…
I uninstalled from both Android devices, rebooted each phone and re-installed from the Play Store.

On both phones, I launched the Wyze App, logged in, went directly to the VDPB Settings, then the chime option.

I was presented with a loading screen after selecting chimes, this ran for 90-120 seconds, the screen flashed and Chime Sound was not selectable.

I forced closed the Wyze App and went back to the Chime Settings and now there are now 24 Chimes on my Android Devices

Decided to try the same test on my iOS device…
Uninstall, Reinstall Beta from test flight, 19 chimes still.

Deleted Wyze Beta App and installed from Apple Store not test flight… 24 Chimes.

The list now looks like this.

Android - V2.27.33 iOS - 2.27.32 (5) From Apple Store NOT TEST FLIGHT
Clear Doorbell Clear Doorbell
Ecscalating Bell Ecscalating Bell
Curiosity Curiosity
Surprise Surprise
Happy Share Happy Share
Simple Doorbell Simple Doorbell
Antique Doorbll Antique Doorbll
Classic Doorbell Classic Doorbell
Space Wave Space Wave
Bird Chirp Bird Chirp
Dog Bark Dog Bark
Dog Bark 2 Dog Bark 2
Door Close Door Close
Door Open Door Open
Reverb Bell Reverb Bell
Delicate Bell Delicate Bell
Tiny Pluck Tiny Pluck
Tiny Pluck Arpeggio Tiny Pluck Arpeggio
Intruder Alarm Intruder Alarm
Jingle Bell Rock Jingle Bell Rock
Oh Tannenbaum Oh Tannenbaum
Silent Night Silent Night
Santa is Coming to Town Santa is Coming to Town
We Wish You a Merry Christmas We Wish You a Merry Christmas

:partying_face::champagne: :clinking_glasses: :partying_face:

Maybe there is a refresh issue with the chimes “loading” and uninstalling and reinstalling resolves. I did have the odd behavior on the Android deices of the load timing out and the Chime Sound option not being responsive. This did not happen on iOS.

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Note 8, I have it on an emulator also on my computer, I can try that or my wifes phone too…

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Wow, thanks much for the work here! :slight_smile:

So deleting & reinstalling your Android app fixed it with 24 sounds now being available, and installing the more recent iOS Production app also enhanced that side to 24. Sounds like an easy fix, thanks!

Happy New Year to you too! :tada:

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Mine is not, .47. The tech said it should be over 50 but it doesn’t give me the option to upgrade the firmware