Sell Additional Wyze Doorbell Chimes Separately

PLEASE start selling chimes separately so we can have more than one.

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Welcome to the forums! Please use the search feature as this has been brought up in the past, and is on Wyze’s radar already.

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They seem to keep demoting it to a feature request, so I figured I’d try again. Thanks for the suggestion though.


I hope that in the near future, they add the ability to buy more chime plugins for the Video Doorbell as it would be great to hear the chime upstairs and/or downstairs in a basement. At this moment, the only option available is to buy a whole new doorbell and use the chime that comes with that which works but costs a bit too much and then you are left with an unused doorbell.


I am not sure currently Doorbell supports double Chime or not. For a bigger home, two Chimes are helpful. If Doorbell currently supports two chimes. How we can by additional chime.

Not just additional chimes, but additional doorbells, too. My current wired doorbell transformer supports our front and back doorbells. I cannot buy the Wyze solution without the ability to have at least two doorbells and multiple chimes that are all activated by each of those doorbells–with a different chime for each doorbell.