Sedentary/Time to stretch reminder is great!

Just wanted to say I am loving this feature. I spend a lot of time at a desk and this prompts me to get up, move around, and then use my desk cycle for a bit when I sit back down. Great synergy with the heart rate monitor too! Thanks Wyze!

I like it too, but I wish the amount of time was customizable.

Also it would be nice to be able to hit a quick 5 min snooze on it. Sometimes I get the reminder but I’m in the middle of work and can’t get up at that moment, but then I forget. Not a mandatory snooze, but an option that if you hit it it would remind you again in 5 min.

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Is there a way to turn off this notification?

Yeah, I believe it’s in the Wyze app. Select the band device and then select Settings. There should be a Sedentary reminder option.

Found it. Thank you Ramon!