Security Products Early Access Today?

Where are they, or when are they going to be available for pre-order?

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The announcement will be today according to the emails. Typically it’s around 1:00-2:00 eastern time

I am here waiting too. A little bit sad that it will come on February and not January ;/

You can see it by clicking on the link from the email. I think they are not making it widely known.

Yes, it is there now. It was not earlier today. It would help if Wyse had included the time it would be available in the email. I went ahead and ordered the starter kit. I currently have Ring and Frontpoint installed. Will be dumping the Frontpoint as soon as the contract runs out. It costs per month, about what Wyze is going to charge per year.

When they mention special preorder price, is it the annual/monthly service price like how your cable price is only for a year or the cost of the hardware?

It is for a year of service and includes the hardware.

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This is so stupid I don’t want to pay for a service I just want to buy the kit and do self monitoring that’s why I loved the Wyze sense kit.


They answered this in the other thread

You can use the hardware without the monitoring, or put it in test mode and self monitor


This is all very disappointing. Can’t order sensors seperately???

Not yet, they will be sold separately later on

Are there any plans to integrate this with any other platforms such as Google Assistance, Alexa, or SmartThings? I already have SmartThings installed and I have the Konnected devices connected to my built-in alarm system so SmartThings has access to all my doors and windows. I don’t want sensors places on every door when I already have sensors built in.

Is there any functionality in the works for fire monitoring or emergency service call?

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I would like to see a way for my kids to make an emergency call.

Will you create a monitor service that our current system can connect to without getting the equipment?

Will The new sensors & motion detectors still Activate Wyze bulbs and plugs like the first generation?


So to be clear, if we do not renew our annual plan (that I just purchased with the starter core kit) after one year, will we still be able to use the “Monitoring” tab just the same? i.e. use the hardware to set modes and have the siren alarm and alert us etc., with the only difference being we just won’t get Noonlight support, right? I want this solution and the features they talk about with modes, siren, on duty sensors etc., but I want to only self monitor and not fuss with professional services. This will be possible without the subscription, correct?


On the continued usage of the monitoring tab let me check to be sure before answering that. I do know the components will still be available to trigger routines etc. I just want to make sure there is not something special with the tab that you would lose upon not renewing.

I haven’t seen a video on this solution, has one been released? From the product page there isn’t alot of technical specs given about the product.

  1. The Base Station
    a. Is the base station wired or wireless?
    b. What is the range of the base station and the sensors?
    c. Can you have more than one base station?
    d. If you can have more than one do the work together?
  2. Once the subscription expires can you self monitor?
  3. Can the new sensors be used to trigger lights to come and off?

I am sure I will have other questions I just cannot think of them right now.


  1. I will have to do some digging on this
  2. I am checking into this now
  3. Yes the new sensors can be used in rules

1c. At this time only one base station can be used