SD recording failing permanently

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Has anyone experienced the SD recording failing permanently with the key indication being the SD card size showing 10MB out of 0MB (screenshot attached)?


I have WyzeCams V2. This has now happened in 2 out of 20 cameras. Except - it is in a remote location, so I cannot physically access the two for a few more weeks. Remote rebooting did not help. I disabled hardware updates and am not sure if attempting a hardware upgrade at this point would do more harm than good (I obviously do not want to lose the camera completely - live view and 12-second clips are better than nothing).

Thank you for help/feedback!

PS: trying to format the SD card does not work (I get the “SD card not installed” response), restarting the device remotely does not solve the problem. There was even a power outage after the SD card recording had failed - so a physical reboot does not solve this, either.

Sounds like a failed card - they do that. Were you using high quality video rated card (SanDisk calls theirs “High Endurance”?

That’s what I hope it is - I would hate to have the camera(s) fail.

I buy “SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card with Adapter - 98MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-032G-GN6MA”. Are these good?

So - if you know the answer: is the card dead or does it require a “hard format” in a computer?

No. The Ultra cards are NOT a High endurance card. These are the cards I am using.

I have not had one fail with 19 cameras. I have had SanDisk Ultra cards fail and every Wyze branded card I bought failed in only a few months. I have all 19 cameras set for continuous recording.

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I have many Sandisk Ultra 32-64-128 GB all in countinuous recording for 12-18 months without issues. All my cards are from Sandisk. I have 4 cams outside -35 to 40 Celsius.

Litière 32GB Sandisk Ultra
Cuisine 128GB Sandisk High Endurance
Salon haut 128GB Sandisk Ultra
Sous-sol 128GB Sandisk Ultra
Porte avant 128GB Sandisk Ultra
Cours avant 128GB Sandisk Ultra
Cabanon 128GB Sandisk Extreme
Cours arrière 64GB Sandisk Ultra
Garage avant 32GB Sandisk Ultra
Garage arrière 64GB Sandisk Ultra
Sous-sol 2 128GB Sandisk Extreme

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Duly noted - thank you for the pointer.

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FYI, SanDisk specifically does not recommend the Ultra series of cards for video use and will not honor warranty for them if used in cameras (the 2nd part of that is 2nd hand information - not confirmed by me).