SD Card Notification/Information

I use new branded SD cards and after a while they fail (SD cards always fail) but the only time you realise there is a fault is when you go to check playback

Could the camera send an alert if it detects a problem with the SD card? typically when the card fails and you check the settings the camera reports no card inserted so when it considers the card has been removed then send an alert that there is an issue with the local storage?


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I’m with you on that. Can’t make it work forever, but should at least know when it stops working. Seems pretty basic.

You seem to be half “thats the way it is” and half “let’s change the very nature of it all”. There something in between: just add basic features that people can turn off or on depending on whether they need them:

  1. Notification with SD card at —%
    ——option to not overwrite at all or overwrite by default by give warning if requested.
  2. Notification when offline (except when intentional through app
  3. Notification when SD write fails
  4. Notification if SD can removed

This could all be accomplished by a period “health check of the camera (firmware upgrade, so that every — minutes or hour, the camera reports in.

  1. What is the % used…compare to defaults and report if appropriate
  2. Is it online…no report says no…notify
  3. Test write during check-up…if fails, report
  4. If card was there last check, and is not there this check, report (or have auto report when taken out as separate notice)
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Wyze - please consider adding an alert for when recording to the SD Card fails. It is really damaging your brand and my satisfaction when I find out after the fact that the camera failed to record to the SD Card.

It seems like this could be done pretty easily and would also help lower load on the camera by not constantly trying and failing without the user who could take action knowing about it.

The logic could be something like

If sd card present and recording (any type that records) to SD card is enabled then alert user on failure to write and/or access the card


This has happened to me numerous times. I see there is a bug reported that recording does not continue after losing power (or maybe it was wifi connection). Having to check recording status of four cameras every few days is beyond inconvenient. I’ve already missed recording things that I wanted to look at, only to find out that it wasn’t recording.

I agree with many others. This seems simple and should be an easy update. By comparison, my Nest cam notifies me every time it loses power or wifi connection…

Starting to think saving money on the cameras upfront was not worth the potential inconveniences and possible money lost on anything I miss with recording not working (like theft, vandalism, etc.).

I too would like to see SD card warnings – write issues, removal issues, in an error log or popup or event.
Particuarly there have been problems when the SD card has become corrupt and continuous logging is suspended.

It would also be helpful to have a full local recording view in the Wyze App under Account. Much like how you can view all the firmware updates at a glance, it would be helpful to view the recording status and SD card status on all units… I have 12 cameras in my system so it’s a pain to go in and check them periodically both for the setting (which I’ve seen slip) and also for garbage/no playback, I literally have to audit each camera, pick a random date a week back and see if it’ll play… if it doesn’t formatting the SD card helps. It would be better to get these alerts direct from Wyze and not finding out after it’s too late (if you had an incident and it was not fully recorded or captured)… this is especially important given the “cool off” period for the cloud pushed clips, leaves end-users open to not having any video if the incident occurs in the cool off period.

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What needs to happen is a few things.

  1. When the SD card is removed OR added, then send a notification. Also, if after a power off and on the SD card changed between. Then send a notification.
  2. If the power is out for 5 min or the cam can’t see the net for 5 min, then send a notification. Once it can, then let the owner know (similar to smartthings)

For 1, the reason you want to know when one is added or changed is cyber security along with you might of not of put the SD card in their to start with.

If you actually have a buffering period when events happen. I doubt it, but it might be possible to actually have an image of what happen before the power problem. But realistically, the best way to handle this is by when it disconnects from the net. Where when the camera isn’t seen by the servers for more than 5 min, you will be notified. And then have it where you are notified when the camera comes back online.

But it might be possible to have it where if there is a buffering in the system. When the camera loses power, it detects this and quickly saves the last frames and timestamp. Then when the camera comes back on, it sends this out to the user as a notification. Even if saving a picture isn’t possible, it lets the user know the camera lost power and came back and the times.

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I’m amazed this doesn’t have more votes, to be honest.


I think it’s one of those things people just don’t think about until it is needed.