SD Card Notification/Information

What needs to happen is a few things.

  1. When the SD card is removed OR added, then send a notification. Also, if after a power off and on the SD card changed between. Then send a notification.
  2. If the power is out for 5 min or the cam can’t see the net for 5 min, then send a notification. Once it can, then let the owner know (similar to smartthings)

For 1, the reason you want to know when one is added or changed is cyber security along with you might of not of put the SD card in their to start with.

If you actually have a buffering period when events happen. I doubt it, but it might be possible to actually have an image of what happen before the power problem. But realistically, the best way to handle this is by when it disconnects from the net. Where when the camera isn’t seen by the servers for more than 5 min, you will be notified. And then have it where you are notified when the camera comes back online.

But it might be possible to have it where if there is a buffering in the system. When the camera loses power, it detects this and quickly saves the last frames and timestamp. Then when the camera comes back on, it sends this out to the user as a notification. Even if saving a picture isn’t possible, it lets the user know the camera lost power and came back and the times.

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I’m amazed this doesn’t have more votes, to be honest.


I think it’s one of those things people just don’t think about until it is needed.


Lot of people post on the #wishlist but don’t VOTE.

I have found myself with sd card issues as well. I think having notifications for when the sd card is removed or is no longer reading would be a huge improvement. I discovered this when I got a notification of movement and was unable to use the playback function to further look into it, which was not very comforting. Being that the purpose of usage for these types of products is security and surveillance, knowing about the sd card problem before a notification of movement or sound would be great. I would also suggest, if possible, finding ways to troubleshoot these types of errors remotely. Again, with the purpose of these products, most people experiencing an issue in this way would not be near the device in question to physically adapt anything.

Some troubleshooting is possible remotely, like turning the sd card on/off, formatting the card, ejecting the card and restarting the device.
If your card is not recording or giving you issues try some of these

@Gwb … I think you might be missing the point. It’s not to troubleshoot. We want alarms if the system is not able to record in realtime to the SD card for whatever reason. I’ve found countless times the unit stopped recording, usually a format of the SD card resolves the issue… but I find these out by proactively going through all my cameras and looking for video from a day or two ago… how many people are doing that on a continuous basis? nobody. So, I want to be warned ahead of time, when the camera can’t write to the card for an event or continuous recording, that should be an alarm / push notification, especially if it’s multiple write failures.

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I do agree that we want some form of notification to be able to fix immediately. I was just pointing out the troubleshooting options currently available.

Sadly, don’t think they will ever fix this, as Wyze is, intentionally, a passive system. So we are dependent on the camera to initiate contact with the mothership, not the other way around.

Best practice is to avoid the issue by proactively restarting the camera periodically (before they have a chance to error) and avoid the things that cause them to glitch (e.g., cheap memory cards)

An alert when storage media is faulty/not detected would be a huge value add and is the primary reason I’m considering other camera systems.

I personally have had 2 issues now at home where the camera had an SD card and was working, then stopped. Restarting my cameras is not a solution. Is there a feature request board that’s open to the public AND/OR do we know if this functionality is being considered?


I’m currently having the same issue. Micro SD Card installed, was working fine, now not recording. Take it out re-seat the card and nothing. Powered the camera off and tried again and nothing. I don’t even hear the chime from the camera when it detects a Micro SD card.
Did you find a fix?

This isn’t really the issue that this Wish List item is about (we just want Wyze to tell us when a camera falls offline (after all, what good is a camera that records if its not recording). The work-arounds for our issue are: 1) use a high quality memory card (biggest issue with card failure seems to be the card itself), and restart (or check) cameras periodically on a schedule (which can be automated in the schedule (I restart daily at 1:30am, but that’s likely overkill). If your card is not being recognized in one camera, try it in another. If it still fails, good news…your camera is good and the problem is the card (if it works in the second camera, great…but format the card via that camera and try again in the first camera…if that didn’t work, then the camera is the problem…call TechSupport and either hope that you are in warranty, or that they are feeling generous, or be thankful that the cameras are cheap enough to replace periodically). If the card failed in both cameras, put the card in a reader attached to your computer and do a full format, If that works, you should be fine. If it doesn’t, its time to get a new card. Cheers.

I think it would be a good idea if there was software developed that would notify you when the SD Card is removed from the camera. Perhaps, a notification when the camera is shut off or unplugged by other means other than by your phone… In other words, if I turn my camera on via my phone and leave the house, should there be a situation where the power supply is cut off from the camera while it’s supposed to be in use or if the SD Card is removed while the camera had been turned on via the phone, there should be a notification sent to the phone informing the person of those things.

Camera SD card failure notification

SD cards eventually fail. It would be great if the cameras would detect when the SD card has failed and send a notification. Perhaps this could be done by once a day by reading back a small portion of what it most recently wrote, Thanks!

In most cases only a single cell fails and can not be written to anymore (read/only). You could take the uSD card out and perform a low level format to map out bad cell(s) but more failures are sure to follow.

Meantime, use High Endurance Cards

My last failure was the inability to write to the card by the camera or pc. The camera could detect that easily by verifying something recently written, like a file name in the directory.

Just to update this. I believe “camera power loss” should be a separate item. It’s different enough that I can’t imagine these being combined.

So I’d suggest this be:

  1. Have an option to receive notifications whenever the SD card is removed.
  2. Under local storage settings, in the Wyze app, provide information such as the date and time an SD card was last in the camera (aka a Card Removed Timestamp).
  3. Option to receive notification if write-to-card operations fail.

That’s my understanding of the sense of people.

It already is:

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From the original post on this thread:

Appreciate link to the separate item. For context, I was referring to the idea that we should remove that ‘unplugged’ item from this wishlist request so Wyze employees reviewing this feature request saw it as a discrete SD card related item and not ‘oh, the power loss thing, again.’


Good point! :+1: A moderator should have made the 1st post text to be single-subject to match the title referring only to notifications for SD card removal and SD issues.

The reason we require single-subject wishlist submissions is for ease of maintenance/search/tracking and more importantly, it increases the likelihood of the request being implemented. The larger the scale (more requirements, not complexity), the less likely we’ll see implementation.