SD Card Melting

Are you serious?

Are you expecting a fire to burst?
A person to die?
A home to be destroyed?

If you guys are expecting this to happen first before informing your customers then will be to late.

Personally I consider that 5 melt downs sufficient enough for them to inform us.
Did it start a fire so far? No.
Did someone house burned down? No.
Did someone died because of it? No.

But are we waiting for this to happen first and then announce the customers?


In 2007-2011, there were an estimated 730 reported U.S. home structure fires involving office equipment per year, resulting in:

  • 11 civilian deaths per year
  • 51 civilian injuries per year
  • $28 million in direct property damage per year

48% of the time, a computer was the cause of the fire.

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Seriously? You got to be kidding me. All you need is something combustible near the cam and the next thing you know is that you’re dealing with an insurance adjuster. This is serious. Wyze needs to at least let customer aware of the potential risk even if they’re not finished with an investigation. How many of their customers use their products that are unaware of this thread? I’d guess to say that’s the majority. I came to this forum to find out about many other problems like their door sensors giving false status, only to find this thread. We deserve to know what’s going on. At the minimum, Wyze needs to contact all their customers and tell them to remove any SD card until they know exactly why their cams are getting so hot that they’re melting.


How about a blanket stop using SD cards full stop as all devices that use SD cards have had the same failures

Whatever, I’m out, do whatever you guys please.
I’ve liked this product and that’s why I bought them, and that’s why I wrote this messages here, because I liked very much this products, and all I was angry about was that nobody informed us, and I personally found about this situation by mistake, but if this is the case, and we are searching for excuses to avoid informing the customers about the situation, maybe I was wrong all this time.

Over and out.

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[deleted] Look at what happened to Samsung. They knew about their batteries exploding and did nothing. That is to say until a judge forced them to cough up millions. So with your logic, why don’t we recall all devices that use lithium batteries? [deleted]. The problem is caused by either a faulty SD card, the power supply or cam. That’s it. No other players in the game. Since SD cards provide no power, the obvious answer is the cam and or the power supply. In any event, Wyze needs to be upfront and notify all their customers “yesterday”.

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Although they don’t provide or store power, they use it, when there an issue the power turns into heat

As one who’s in the business of analyzing customer returns to find root cause defects I can understand it taking some time. Problem is in this case, it IS taking to long. I’m currently in the middle of trying to determine a particular customers failure mode on a medical device (VERY IMPORTANT!) but when the customer raised their concern our team (small mind you) all focused on that one clients issue was due to the severity & sadly had to put others aside for the moment. We are about 1 week in and while we had to send some components out for spectrum analysis & material analysis we hope to have a solid answer for the customer by the end of the month. We are in a rural area and have nowhere near the resources at our disposal as they do in Seattle or Silicon Valley (I grew up and worked in the bay area in the defense industry, LOTS of resources) at ones disposal but were still going to get this accomplished in a relatively short time span. Not sure why Wyze is dragging the ball here but I’m sure they have a reason.

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Guys! I lost 2 cards last week. So I bought 3 high endurance SD cards. There is a NIGHT/DAY difference with these cards. The WyzeCam playback history loads QUICKLY. The sound is not out of sync.

I will continue to test, but I don’t think WyzeCam is the problem. Try the high endurance, which clearly says “record for up to 20,000 hours with no worries”


You get what you pay for. I’m running 128G cards U3/V30 speed with A2 high write endurance in all my cameras, Works well for continuous recording. I don’t think you need faster than class 10 but it makes scrubbing video smother.

What brand/model?

Hey Wyze moderators, instead of editing or removing our posts, how about responding to all our requests and tell us the findings of your investigations? If you have the time for that, why don’t you have time to respond to a very serious issue with your products? Tell me something…do any of you moderators own a Wyze cam yourselves? Are any of you concerned about this issue yourselves? If so, how about a response from management? Don’t you think your customers, the people who keep you in business deserve to know what’s going on? I personally don’t need to wake up to a potential fire. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated yourself. It’s not hard to do. We’re all waiting to know what’s going on.

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Moderators are not employees I believe

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Oh I get it…“I just work here”.

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Moderators don’t work for wyze

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Solid price nice find

As stated, the forum mods are not Wyze employees, they are users just like the rest of us. There are Wyze employees on the forum, and who are identifable with Wyze in their username, the “w” over their forum avatar or picture, and/or the title under their username.


As pointed out by others above, the moderators, myself included, are not Wyze employees. We are fellow users who have volunteered to help out with the forum. One of our “duties” is to make sure the community guidelines are followed. That is my only role in this thread. You are free to express your thoughts as much as you like as long as it is in keeping with the community guidelines, especially the part about being kind and respectful to others. If not, the posts will be edited or deleted. If it continues, the poster may be suspended.

That said, you may have noticed that there are some very negative things said about Wyze in the above posts. Those thoughts do not violate the guidelines and have not been removed or edited by us.

My other role here is to point out topics to Wyze employees that they may want to contribute to directly. I have done that in this case. @WyzeGwendolyn posted in this thread two days ago. I suspect you may hear something from Wyze again here after the weekend, but I cannot promise it.

I cannot comment on the findings of the investigation because I have not been given any of that information. And for the record, I do own/use about 15 Wyze Cams plus Wyze Sense Kit and Bulb.


Thanks for your volunteer work. Also glad to know that you use the product. I only have one camera. I need to buy more.