SD Card Melting


Wyze offered to replace my camera and SD card - for which I am grateful. I found it interesting that they didn’t want me to overnight the damaged camera back to them for inspection. They’re processing the new camera through normal channels (new one ships in 1-3 business days, via UPS (4-7 days))… then I’m supposed to put the old camera in the box and mail it back to them (ground). Doesn’t seem like there’s a real sense of urgency, so they must not think it’s a big problem.

To answer some of the previous questions: My camera was purchased February 18th, from Amazon. I hadn’t previously used the SD card until the night that the “thermal event” took place.

FIRE OR NO FIRE: I can attest to the fact that the camera casing contained the “thermal event” largely, even though it was hot enough to melt the plastic to the SD card, and leave brown “burn signatures” around the slot. At the time, the camera was sitting on my console table, less than an inch away from a paperback book on one side and a candle on the other. I have reason to believe based on the heat, smoke, smell and the scouring on the unit, that if it had been close enough to a flammable source, it could have caught something on fire. Regardless, the fact that this device doesn’t have or isn’t functioning with an adequate thermal fuse, is scary.

SERIAL NUMBERS: There are no date codes on the exterior of these devices, but WYZE should be able to determine the lot, and mfg period either by opening the case or by cross referencing the MAC ID to a presumed production calendar. Once they identify the root cause, they should recall any potentially affected devices proactively. The AC adapter is supply is UL listed (, though it doesn’t appear the camera itself is - which wouldn’t necessarily be required if it’s low voltage (though recommended). Hopefully their manufacturing facilities are running a tight ship and can track affected units adequately.

PATTERN OF OCCURRENCE: Even if the root cause is limited to a small manufacturing batch, my guess is there are many more “potentially hazardous” cameras out there that either won’t present an issue or will present an issue much later in time – largely because I’m guessing most people will not initially or ever use their cameras with SD cards.

AMAZON REVIEWS: There is at least one other photo on Amazon of a Camera SD slot having a thermal event – back in January… I’m curious what efforts were made by Wyze to recover that product, and what root cause analysis has been done in the past 4 months to ensure that others were not affected.

I’m far from a lawyer, but I’m confident any further responses from Wyze will cautiously avoid the term “fire” and avoid other sensitive implications – for legal reasons. I’m also guessing their product, engineering managers and legal team will soon takeover these messages – so don’t expect much in terms of updates shortly after this… though I hope they choose a path of transparency and proactivity. We shall see.

I’m not trying to attack Wyze in the court of public opinion – in fact, I’m looking forward to getting my replacement camera and using it. However, I can also tell you that waking up the smell of electrical fire at 2am, scrambling for a fire extinguisher (not knowing yet where the smell was coming from) and worrying about whether the fire was in the walls, behind an appliance, etc… is not something anyone should have to do. Luckily, my situation was not worse than it was. My hope is they address this proactively and transparently and remove any additional defective products that could be in households so that no one else has to experience what I did (or worse).

Offer stands - let me know if you want this camera expedited back to you -


I too got mine in Feb from Amazon and just yesterday installed an SD card for the first time and had the issue occur

Eerily, I just realized this could have been worse. My Wyze Camera was sitting an inch or two away from a small wooden tea candle holder, which has a box of matches incorporated into the side. When I go out of town (which is often), I usually pull up the camera to be adjacent to the tea holder (right next to the matches) so it’s not obstructing the view. Luckily, I had moved it back the night this happened. You can see the matches and holder in the photos below - screen shot from last week. Glad I didn’t test the theory of “thermal event” + matchbox + wood holder/console + huge candle!

Screen shot from camera (sitting next to holder) - from last week :grimacing:

Great. Wyze aren’t taking this issue seriously.

It will be a week BEFORE they have the faulty cam and card back to examine. Clearly it’s not important to them.

Wyze, are you waiting for a fire before you do ?

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Sorry for my delay! We scheduled a meeting so that we could get more eyes on this.

@h20mobius, we would like to overnight your Wyze Cam and microSD card for the investigation. Could you please give me your support ticket number? We are relieved that this happened when you were home. There still should not be a risk of fire due to the flame retardant materials of the product but we’re with you on not wanting to test that with a literal matchbox!

@jvrthp, I’ll be sending you an email shortly. If you haven’t already shipped out your Wyze Cam and microSD card, we can upgrade the shipping to overnight for yours as well.

@spikeman, have you contacted our support people yet? We would like to have your microSD card and Wyze Cam back for the investigation. If you have, please send me the support ticket number you received. If not, please fill out this form and give me the number when you have it:


@tiadog666, I am told that our USB power brick can support 100 - 240V so your power adapter should not be an issue.

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

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On it thanks!

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Guys @WyzeGwendolyn and team have been very responsive to this! I have great confidence they will handle this and deal with it above and beyond replacing units if they have too. With the amount of units in the wild currently utilizing cards this is clearly isolated and my offline coms with the Wyze team have been nothing short of sincere and prompt. I’m very curious what they find out.


I’m out of the office now but I will be working on this first thing in the morning. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much - I’ll get this shipped out tomorrow morning and provide you the tracking.

Appreciate the quick response - Chris


@WyzeGwendolyn, they have shipped me a new device, my ticket # is (208761)

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@jvrthp, I just received word that your label is ready and I’m about to send it your way.

@h20mobius, thank you for your help! I’ll keep an eye on my inbox for the tracking number. If you haven’t sent it out yet, we can quickly create a return label for you so you don’t have to pay for the shipping upfront. Also, could you please give me your support ticket number? I’m trying to gather the cases and I would like to look into how your case was addressed.

@spikeman, I just sent you an email through your support ticket requesting a little more information for the return label we’ll be sending you. Please respond when you have a moment and we’ll get that label to you ASAP. :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear about this problem. Looking forward to WYZE letting us all know.

FYI, I have 4 cameras … all purchased from Amazon … two in Jan, one on Feb. 4, forth one in April. All 4 have been running with SanDisk Ultra 32gb cards, all without issue, since the day they each arrived.

Hopefully WYZE will be able to narrow this issue to a particularly Amazon shipping date, a range of manufacturing batches, or some other cause.


Sent you ticket # and email. Thanks!

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Thank you! I’ll open that message in the near future and get stuff rolling. I appreciate it!

Hi there:
I was very surprised to read, that the cam can catch fire. I own two and I switched both off today. I cannot be at home while thinking about a potential fire popping up - sorry.
If there is no 100% explanation/fix from the company VERY soon, I’ll have a replacement from a different company.

Wyze Cams are made of flame retardant materials and so far we have not had reports of external fires. That said, we take this very seriously and we are taking all affected units back for investigation as our top priority. We will figure this out as soon as possible.


Never once did I ever think of not using these products because of the melting clearly it is a very random issue and I’m sure they will get to the bottom of it.

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