SD Card Melting

Alright. If you change your mind about wanting a replacement, just let me know. :slight_smile:

Have others used these SanDisk High Endurance SD cards with success and no problems? I’m thinking of buying directly from SanDisk for not much difference in prices for less risk of poor quality or fake SD cards.
Yes, Shipping is $6 from SanDisk site.

I’m using the 128GB Sandisk high endurance cards in all my cameras. There are test tools that write the full capacity of the card and does a read verify to confirm its full capacity is usable. Test tools like H2testw (The best IMHO and cross platform for us Linux (*nix) and Mac OS users), FakeFlashTest (Faster testing large cards), ChipGenius (don’t do a physical capacity test but reads the chip “controller?” data)

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Buying direct doesn’t change the quality but removes the risk of fakes

I personally recommend away from SanDisk, there are a lot of other better quality, faster, cheaper cards

Look at any device that has built in memory, they use Samsung flash memory chips, phones, TV’s etc IMO that shows reliability & quality, there’s quite a few people using Samsung micro SD cards in these cameras

Just something to consider


Haloweenhamster, Thanks for the recommendation for Samsung high endurance cards. I’ll check them out.

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My problem with the Samsung cards is that I can get a pack of 5 of the 32GB Evo for $29 from Amazon. So I don’t really want to try anything else.

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Are these the Samsung cards you mentioned? Are they working fine in your Wyze v2 cams? Any problems with them?

I’ve bought 3 sets of them.
I run H2testw on them then format with the SD Card formatter on a pc laptop. Have not had a problem YET.

Do you use the cards for event recording or continuous recording? Some have insisted that the high endurance models are better suited for the continuous recording needs. Thanks for any answers.


@WyzeGwendolyn out of curiosity any conclusions for any of the returned devices? Can imagine they are all treated individually

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We found multiple issues with microSD cards or the ports for them indicating that they were damaged previously or the cards were not authentic. We’re working on making our products detect and communicate these issues more effectively.


I just read through this whole discussion, and YIKES there are a few wild misconceptions of the degree of risk here. We’re talking about a Wyze cam whose max power output from the power supply is 5-10 watts. To bring a little perspective, a tea candle produces around 30 watts of heat. The absolute worst case scenario with a dead short in the cam is 1/3 of that much heat.

The plastic case material burns very reluctantly. Gwendolyn mentioned that a couple times, but it didn’t sound like the meaning really came across. It’s a standard thing with electronics, the plastics used will deform, char, partially melt, but the flash point is MUCH higher than the melting point.

‘Could’ it start a fire ? I suppose if the cam were sitting in an Easter basket full of festive shredded paper, and had the short in the SD card occur, with the card slot in direct contact with the finely shredded paper, then you get up into the 1% range of chance it could ignite the paper.

I’m sure someone like Dateline NBC could douse the cam in gasoline and set it off on cue with an Estes rocket igniter for Hollywood effect, but that just isn’t how things happen in the real world.

Appropriate precaution with regard to a worst-case issue here would be to avoid setting the camera anywhere you wouldn’t place a burning candle. Several inches from the nearest sheer curtain is enough. We’re not talking about enough power to throw sparks here; and not nearly enough heat production potential to come anywhere near getting the plastic enclosure to begin to burn. A formica topped particle board desktop is not at risk of being ignited in the event of a melted SD card.

Just use a little common sense, as we should with all electronics and their power cords. The most applicable here would be to avoid having a sheer window dressing hanging right up against anything electronic, including cams, strings of Christmas lights, plug-in air fresheners, wall plug timers, etc.

Long winded, but the point is there’s not cause for alarm, even in the case of the SD card doing the Chernobyl reactor 4 thing in there :slight_smile:


Time to remove my curtains.

hello every one… I am going to start a thread that might shed some light on this… stay tuned…

Please don’t start a new thread with information on this topic. Please continue the discussion here.


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The same thing just happened to my cam which I bought it 2 weeks ago and I only used few times to monitor my baby while she’s sleeping. My ticket number is 362831.


Could you provide the community some details on brand, size and model of the SD card?


As a user, I am curious how you realized there was a problem. By smell or visual inspection? I never check my cams physically once I set them up. Maybe I should perform a health check. SD recording appears to work as expected.