SD Card Melting

So far with previous cases, we have found it to be the fault of the microSD card in use. But we don’t want to make assumptions and miss something important so we always bring back the microSD card and Wyze Cam to make sure that if there is something going wrong with our hardware or firmware we know about it and can fix it in a timely manner.

Respectfully, I want to reiterate a couple points:

  1. I purchased near-top-of-the-line cards from a reputable, local retailer. They were not generics and very unlikely they were counterfeit
  2. my card was brand new out of the packaging, and was carefully extracted and placed into the camera.
  3. SD cards are put through very rigorous testing before they are packaged. Not saying it would impossible to ship one damaged but very unlikely as it would fail a simple checksum and voltage test. I’m sure a representative from SanDisk (the card I used) would vehemently deny an allegation that their cards could ship broken to the extent that it could cause a catastrophic failure.
  4. even when memory cards fail or create a short, the device into which it is inserted can have multiple layers of protections to prevent any aspect of a thermal event, including things like one-time blow fuses, self healing poly-fuses, and a variety of other short/permanent protections. My point is, even if the card is at fault, the device should be engineered to safe guard against any additional liabilities.

I look forward to the findings, but as I previously mentioned, it will be very unlikely that Wyze will be forthcoming and honest about the situation. They likely won’t suggest any liability, even if their products could have been engineered differently - and even though that’s likely the truth.

So, until we have a formal response from Wyze, I recommend people proceed with caution if they are using the SD card slot. My personal opinion is they should embrace full transparency and not spin a response that will deny all inference of product liability, if such a liability exists. Unlikely. But we will see.

Please make us proud and do the right thing Wyze!

Ps, I have yet to reinsert an SD Card into my camera - I am hoping we could receive some preliminary info soon from Wyze.

These are reasons why we’re taking back the microSD cards and cameras and launching an investigation. :slight_smile:

I don’t know when we’ll have information back. I’m honestly not sure what all is involved with an investigation like this. But I will keep in contact and give information when I have it.


Does anyone notice that the card pictured is 64GB?

I agree it should not overheat, but when you run equipment out of spec stuff happens.


Yikes! Can Wyze please confirm that all of these first-time posters who joined just to report this anomaly aren’t working under aliases from competing companies that make overpriced less functional brand cameras? I don’t work for Wyze, but I work extensively in high tech and the federal government, most recently the United States Department of Justice. So, I can speak freely and say what most people know to be true: Whether Apple, Boeing, Compaq, Google, HP, Microsoft, Nest, Samsung, and so on, anomalies do consistently happen when consumers incorrectly purchase products sold ON Amazon by third-party providers rather than purchasing products sold BY Amazon. Even high-quality and well-made products experience these anomalies, which is why the best companies create wonderful return policies. But these rare anomalies pale in comparison to the universal frequency of corporate sabotage attempts from multibillion-dollar companies using at least one dollar of their budget to have “first-time posters” influence customers on social media to purchase their competitive products so as to maintain their brand’s dwindling market share due to being higher-priced, lower-quality, and less-functional.

Wyze must take these reports seriously and have taken these reports seriously, but do not have any requirement to do whatever any of these random consumers suggest. It’s a rare professional courtesy that Wyze has extended to its customers. So let’s be abundantly clear here: It’s very different for someone to report a problem, and quite another for posts to direct others to not purchase Wyze products, to spread fake news across social media, and to admonish pros for using the phrase “Yikes!.” This comes from an era when being stiff, corporate, impersonal and formal were considered the best way to communicate and engage with customers as US vs. THEM. This was an era before Apple and Steve Jobs created a new marketing language that appealed to the masses beyond older privileged males, and that surpassed stifling inner circles with the universality of the iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc., to such an extent that other companies like Samsung adopted this same language with half-baked software on fully-baked hardware. So, once-stiff companies like ATT, Dell, IBM, Samsung, and Microsoft now follow the leads of T-Mobile, HP, Amazon, Apple, and Google.

This is why it is the job of customer care to PRETEND that the customer is always right, regardless of how often they are completely wrong. But don’t get it twisted: It is NEVER the job of customer care to be directed by consumers on how they are to speak, act, dress, appear, vote, love, and more. They are not here to perform for customers. Such mandates are in alignment with HR and management of the company, NOT random people on the Internet. So I will strongly suggest that those who demonstrate harsh tones and rude words are in direct violation of Wyze’s own published forum communication policies and that they should adjust them or risk being banned from the Wyze community so as not to risk ruining the experience for the majority that they do not represent. I will also strongly reiterate that using “Yikes!” is in no way a violation of Wyze forum communication policies. So, people should at the very least stop directing Wyze employees how they should behave and then simply exercise their right to remain completely silent. YIKES!

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I can confirm that the reports posted here are real and we don’t think that they are done in the spirit of corporate competition. :slight_smile:


I agree totally with the previous poster.

His assessment of how Wyze should (and are) behaving is accurate.

The issue is unlikely to be a faulty card and similarly unlikely to be a faulty camera. I suspect it is due to the delivery mechanism being inaccurate in its process and a few cards being inserted at an angle to its receptical. this could cause a cross threading on the path and potentially a current flow in the wrong direction.

I suggest this as an idea and not a solution to the issue at all. it is a guess.

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I had a thermal issues with one of my Wyze cameras as well. The SD card was not harmed. I checked the inside and the Ingenic T20 chip next to this plastic has a burn mark on it.

Not saying the 2 issues are related, but definitely a short issue in the camera.

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What is the latest update about this issue with them getting this resolved???I have not had any issues to date but I am alarmed and it seemed a priority with much chatter and then after sense came out it appears UNLESS I have missed some feeds that they are all (Wyze) focused on sense love affair at the moment.

Thank you so much Wyze and @WyzeGwendolyn for all of your work on this investigation. For what its worth, I’ve moved over 123 Wyze cameras and there are SanDisk 32GB SDCards in every single one. I have never once had this issue. I can say, as @Bam reported, I have had SDCards (even some namebrand) over heat in my devices in the past (non-Wyze). I’m not involved in the investigation, obviously, but I am willing to bet that your findings will be that the SDCard is at fault and not the camera.
Obviously Wyze cannot make their cameras to account for everyone else’s equipment i.e. SDCards, cables and adapters not made by them, it is encouraging to me that all such events that have happened were contained to the camera alone. Even though this event is very unfortunate, it doesn’t change my opinion about Wyze or their cameras. I will continue to purchase and use their cameras. I fully expect the cameras to not be at fault.
I have several cameras in a barn with flammable materials, but as with any electrical device, just in case it were to fail I try to keep it as far away from flammable products as I can. I know not everyone can do this in every case, however I would suggest everyone try to place any laptop, camera, or any electrical device away from highly flammable materials when they are left unattended.


That sounds like a different issue but also DEFINITELY something we want to look into. We’re sorry to hear about this! Could you please fill out this form and include those photos, your shipping address, and your order number with it? We would like to replace your Wyze Cam and take this one to look into what happened here.

Submit a request – Wyze

Once you send the form in, you should receive a reply email with a support ticket number. Please give that number to me so that I can help out. :slight_smile:

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The Sense people and the people involved with looking into this are different. We’re still in the early stages of looking into this so that’s why you’ve been hearing more about Wyze Sense instead of seeing posts here. I’m keeping an eye on things and have been following up with the team. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome, cam6. Thank you for your perspective and advice!

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Following up on the melting SD card issue. I hope to hear something soon. I’m not using the pan cams until I know they are safe. How will we be notified when the research is completed? Thanks.

We’ll be putting updates in here as we have them but I’m not sure how long this process will take. We’re working to be thorough and careful with this.



I’m going through this thread, haven’t finished and can’t now. However here is some information I want to share. A while ago I stumbled upon this super detailed article about counterfeit SD cards, which can be pretty much undetectable, and sometimes even sold by the actual company who owns the brand (unknowingly of course). It is an interesting read.

I’m absolutely, completely neutral about where the problem discussed here may lie, but I think the subject is relevant to the conversation in that in maybe some of these meltdowns/short circuits/whatever might be caused by the card.

It is a lengthy read but based on actual facts. Very professional article.

Bottom line is, we might buy direct from Kingston Samsung or whoever and still by chance receive counterfeits… Their suppliers con them sometimes.

PS: I kept reading and found that @Bam published a similar trove of information…


thanks for some additional reading. knowledge never hurts

Has there been any progress toward a cause with this issue? Any updates?

No updates yet but I’ll check with the team again when back in the office next week. :slight_smile: