SD Card Melting

I know everyone here thinks this is funny and maybe being it’s a consumer level device it’s acceptable but if I used either term with a customer in my industry it would be curtains for me and cast a very bad light on the company.

As a 50+ year old I am between two or more generations. Today’s generation is filled with Emoticons, LOL’s, etc. New words are being added to dictionaries and our language on a regular basis. Wyze, as are many tech companies a product of this generation, Yikes is part of it.
My generation and the one older than myself and hopefully those younger know that correction of ones grammar, especially publicly and repeatedly is just plain rude. End of rant.


Yikes :scream:

Oh come on alryr2001! Yikes! You gotta be kidding about WyzeGwendolyn’s use of “Yikes.”

Since you say you are in customer service, could you please point me towards another company’s “user forum” that is as closely monitored and actively participated in by a variety of actual employees and not “bot” chat robot?

I can only think of one … and that’s this forum.

WyzeGwendolyn is a constant, comforting, professional contact for all WYZE customers on this forum and elsewhere.

My career was spent as a manager in Public Relations for a Fortune 500 company. I would have hired WyzeGwendolyn (and many other WYZE employees) sight and resume unseen without a second thought.

WyzeGwendolyn’s concern for EVERY Wyze customer shines through in every communication and interactions with happy and unhappy WYZE consumers.

WyzeGwendolyn (and other WYZE employees) genuinely cares for WYZE customers and it shows in daily posts on this forum … something I rarely sense in many other company customer service representatives.

You can’t fake that kind of compassion!

As since you are in customer service, I’m sure you recognize that also.

Yikes! I realize WyzeGwendolyn’s use of “Yikes” in comments were in response to a serious issue with overheating SD cards … but come on, WyzeGwendolyn immediately responded to the issue … and has stayed on top of the investigation … and has kept us all informed.

I can only hope that you, as a customer service rep yourself, would respond inkind and publicly in a similar situation to your customers.


Hey all,

Remember to follow the Wyze Community Guidelines. :slight_smile: The moderators would probably appreciate it.



@kenner.galdamez is correct. Please read the following sections in the Community Guidelines:

If You Want A Mod Response, Flag It

Always Be Civil

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So, after critiques of the applicability of “Yikes”. Has anyone gotten to the, you know, root cause of the exploding cams?

This is something that we are still looking into. If you would like, you can contact our support team about the melting microSD card slot through this form:

Submit a request – Wyze

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I highly doubt they’ll release any findings that would imply any degree of accountability on their behalf. At best, they’ll say it was an aberration and they have no reason to believe others are affected. At worst, they’ll just continue to let this thread drag out - betting that the mild but negative publicity they get from it is still better than any type of recall (if one is warranted). They have no obligation to share their internal discovery… so, we won’t be seeing anything meaningful.

My bet is they shift all the blame to the SD card manufacturer… which is a pretty crappy thing to do, unless of course they issue a joint statement with said manufacturers acknowledging fault. That too won’t happen.

Reality is: millions of SD cards are used reliably daily, and there are ways to build the host electronics (Wyze) to protect against a faulty card or other shorts. It appears they don’t want to admit that and are already showing signs they will blame the SD card manufacturers. I’d be curious if anyone from the SD card consortium ( is involved in this “investigation” - because they would certainly take interest if their product platform is being painted in a negative light unfairly…

Lastly, the best policy here is for Wyze to be open and transparent… with their true data and findings, unfiltered and unspun… I hope they will do that but having lived in this industry, it’s doubtful unless someone starts talking legal action.

My 2 cents.

Btw, I’ve been using the Wyze cam with their branded SD card for a few weeks now. Still not happy they destroyed my premium SanDisk card in the middle of the night, but at least the new stuff is working.

Why did you elevate it to “exploding” from melting?

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Sorry, creative writing. I apologize. Melting is much better than exploding.

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“Thermal event” is the proper term :slight_smile:

Yup. Thermal anomaly to be more specific unless the melting was a feature :man_shrugging:


man and I thought I had a negative outlook on life. If you want your faith restored a little in the company give this reddit post a browse. don’t mind the click bait title, the first comment explains exactly what happened and how wyze was open and transparent dealing with it as well as taking the blame and correcting it quickly.



I have this issue combined with the SD cards not being seen.

I have reported that the SD card gets very hot very quickly via a tech support ticket.

I get a different support person each reply and I’m getting no where with them.

At this point I just want my money back. The tech support via email is ridiculous especially with this issue being know about for over a month now. Ticket 244545

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I’m sorry to hear about your experience with our support. I’ll look into your support ticket now.

Greetings. I decided to use my cameras ( on a limited basis) without the SD cards. No issues after a couple of weeks. However, I’m surprised and a bit disappointed that we haven’t received any update regarding the melting problem. A projected response time would be nice.

Please see previous post

I don’t have a projected timeline for this and I apologize. If you would like, you can contact our customer support team about this. Here is the form for it:

Submit a request – Wyze