SD card in the WCO Base Station

How does the SD card in the WCO Base Station work ?

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In order for the Base Station to be able to back up event recordings from the cam, does the cam also need to have an SD card installed? Or is one SD, either in the base or the cam, sufficient?

No, the SD card in the cameras is only for scheduled recordings, time lapses etc. Not needed to back-up cloud events in the base

And to be quite clear, the event recordings never get stored on the SD card in the camera.

One of the nice thing about the “backup events” on the base station micro SD is if you lose internet, the WCO can still connect to the base station and back up the 12 second clips. It will also hold up to 32 gigs (depends on your card), so if each 12 second clip is about 1.2M it could back up about 20000 videos to your base station micro SD. It would also hold it longer than 14 days.