SD card extender

I’m trying to set up cameras that will have minimal physical contact with me.
If I get a camera positioned I want to get it back with the same view. One of my problems was with replacing SD cards was lining the camera back up. I’m also wanting to EVENTUALLY mount some cameras in lawn “statues” where SD card access may be a pain.

To get around that I bought an SD card extender

I’m pleased to say it seems to work fine with the one of my V2 cams I tried it on.


I’ve run time-lapses on it, removed, replaced, viewed playback, all seems well. I’m not sure how it will work if I need to reflash the camera manually, but then I have to press the setup button down anyways,


Glad to hear that this will work. I have some on order and plan to use them by mounting the card end inside so if someone grabs the cam then my recordings will be secured.