Scheduling Rules.....Rule Broken........ Question

Hi, I have Wyze set up for by business (the new home monitoring and then a mix of six different version 2 and version 3 cams.

When my business is open, obviously I have workers and customers coming and going, so I don’t want motion detection/event recording nor do I want push notifications popping up all day during business hours.

As everyone knows, on the V2 cams, under that camera’s settings >> event recording , you can schedule the event recording, but (and god help me, I don’t understand why), you cannot do this within each V3 camera…

Therefore, I turned to the general rules to try to solve this.

So, for example, for my front, outside V3 camera, I set a rule to “Turn off motion detection” (and by the way there’s not a choice to disable “event recording”, but I assume this is the same thing since it records events on motion or sound) between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm…

I also set universal action to “mute Notifications” (Interestingly this is not called “push notifications”) for all cameras between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm…

However, this morning, seemingly in contravention to my motion rule, my front V3 camera recorded 4 motion (not sound) events between 7:00 am and 7:19 am…

And my back outside camera recorded two motion events (again, in seeming contravention to the motion rule) AND sent me a push notification to my phone (in contravention to the universal “mute” rule)

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there an easier way to achieve what I am trying to do?

( I did suggest in the device triggers/wish list that for those of us with home monitoring a no-brainer trigger would be that when the alarm is set to “disarm”, then motion detection/event recording and push notifications are turned off).

But this is going to drive me crazy if I can’t stop this during the day while running the business.

Sure you can. Make sure you DON’T have “All Day” enabled. If “All Day” is enabled, you can’t set a more limited schedule.

Ok, I must be missing something where do I find this “all day” setting?

Ok I see “all day” on the V2 settings

It’s not on

But I’m talking about the V THREE’s

What do you mean when you say “sure you can”?

The V3 doesn’t have the scheduling within each camera setting

It was the two V3’s that broke the two rules this morning

Just bumping this up.

I’m bumping this up again, because 2 mornings in a row I’ve had a different rule broken that’s very annoying:

I have a rule for the siren on all 3 of my V3’s to trigger if any of the V3’s detect a PERSON between 11:45 pm and 4:59 am…

Well last two mornings I go over to open up the business at approximately 6:00 am, and the cam(s) detect me, and the sirens start going off…

An hour or more after the rule is NOT supposed to trigger.

I’ve seen the thread about some rules triggering maybe 20 min late, but this is an hour.

Any ideas?