Scheduling image captures (photos)

I would like to be able to create a schedule to take images files (not a time lapse video). I can do this with other cam apps like Microseven.
I want to be able to study each image and the changes closely, not just watch a time lapse video. It would be specifically helpful to me right now as I am trying to calibrate a very old pendulum clock. Automatically capturing images would help determine the characteristics of time keeping and effects of changes (versus me wandering by at random times and manually collecting the data)

This is essentially the same as time-lapse, except that the images are in a video format instead of individual files. However, Windows Media Player on Windows or QuickTime Player on Mac will let you step frame-by-frame through a time-lapse video and even export those individual frames. This, I believe, would accomplish your goal.

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Key differences with time lapse video.
1] difficult to easily land on the time frame of interest
2) difficult to share the image with others for review
3) have to wait until the time lapse video is complete before you can begin investigations

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Good points.

Think of this as a long duration time-lapse. I have a WyzeCam on top of my oil tank (in the basement) viewing the fuel gauge level and a digital thermometer.


I want to be able to capture one (or 2) frame(s) per day for the entire heating season. Others may simply like to watch the grass (or other plants) grow. I can’t do that with the current time-lapse feature.

If I could add 10000 votes to [mwmcca]'s request, I would :wink:

Additional background:
In the attached photo, the fuel gauge float shows the current tank level just over 75%.
The thermometer provides a high temp (set at 100degrees F) and a low temp (set at 40degrees F) audible alarm. The Wyzecam is set to “notify on sound”. This will alert me to a potential fire (too hot), or out of fuel situation (too cold).

What’s that “big white rectangle” in the infrared image?
It’s no surprise that the fuel tank sits in the dark and therefore the infrared lights are ON.
Unfortunately, the IR lights washout the image from the LED thermometer display. The “big white rectangle” is actually a Post-it Note. It reflects enough infrared back to the camera that the camera reduces the IR output allowing the LED display to be visible. It took a few tries to “calibrate” the position of the Post-it Note. It works surprisingly well.

Under Actions for the cameras, TAKE A SNAPSHOT would be a obvious task (to complement UPLOAD A SHORT VIDEO.)
Then under Automate, EVERY X MINUTES/HOURS should be an option. This would be helpful in addition to a single event.

This would then enable photo scheduling and photo time-lapse.

A little help Team Wyze?

I was wanting to try time lapse but was disappointed in that you have to define a start and end time so it’s not continuous forever. I’ve also read that the resulting video is limited to 4GB so I guess the video is created within the camera?

How about a time lapse where it just takes a photo and stores it in local storage. To view the time lapse from the app, I would just pick the start and end time/duration, and the app will stream the photos directly from the camera. If I want to save the time lapse as a video, the app can do that on the phone using the photos and so that will overcome the 4GB limit.

And this can serve as a very low frame-rate continuous recording.

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I’m thinking this can be placed under:
Local Storage:

  1. Record events only
  2. Continuous recording
  3. Continuous snapshots

And then under snapshots, you can define the interval between shots like a time lapse.

Then under snapback, these interval shots will play like a time lapse between the recorded event videos.

Or we can do it the “hard way”: :grinning:

Raspberry Pi Time-Lapse In Four Dead Easy Steps

I want this feature so I can take interval pictures of my water meter to track usage. My current approach is overly complicated using a laptop and webcam.

I’m using my camera for EXACTLY the same thing, to check the level on the oil tank.

I’d like to be able to set up snapshots at dusk, dawn and noon, with the V2 normally doing other things,