Scheduled recording?

How do I set up scheduled recording please?

I would like to see the camera to record between say 7am to 7pm upon motion on week days.

Can someone please show me the steps? Thank you very much in advance.

Welcome @SamFisher See Setup Scheduled Recording Directions Link: You can setup a scheduled recording with shortcuts in the Home Tab > Shortcuts.

Scheduled Recording

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Hi there, thanks for your help, but I’m not entirely clear on what to do.

I’ve set up I’M AWAY at 7AM, on “automate”, with actions “turn on the camera”. This short cut is shown on the main screen. Does this mean the camera will automatically turn on at 7AM, regardless of if I press the “I’M AWAY” shortcut or not?

These are my settings. Will the camera be automatically triggered by the time set and execute actions? Or would I still need to manually tap these shortcuts?

My understanding is they will automatically trigger

@Jason21271 is correct. they are triggered by the set time. I use the automate triggers in conjunction with cameras/ sensors at different times and I love it. you can make sure they are working in the shortcut history. it will tell you if the shortcut was executed at that certain time.

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