Scale will not connect to Wyze app

My scale will not load on the wyze app. O have run out of ideas to fix it. Any one else have that issue

Can you provide more details? Have you successfully added the scale to the app and just can’t get it to display the current session? Or have you not been able to add the scale to the app?

Are you ios or Android? And what version of the app are you running?

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Thanks. It is Android and I cannot add the scale to the app. I have tried all recc on web site but no luck . The scale is connected to blue tooth but when I stand on the scale it does not add to the app. The display does function on the scale itself.

Ah, I see. You definitely should call support as they can help.

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Thanks I contacted them yesterday so far they only gave me the same help that was on the web site. Waiting for them to get back with me

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@joeprit if you would like to post your support ticket number I can try to nudge it along although I probably could not get a response until monday.


Thank you it is 534203

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I will forward that along


I kept trying and. For a second time shut my phone off and restarted it and then tried to add and it was successful in adding to the app. Thanks. I contacted support to let them know


I found your ticket before reading through the rest of the thread. Thanks for taking the time to let us know! :slight_smile:


Thank you

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My pleasure. Have a great week!

my scale was connected to the app, then I turned blue tooth off because I wanted to weight in without it recording the weight at night… then I turned Bluetooth back on, but by then the scale wouldn’t reconnect.
I already tried restating my phone and the scale is still not connecting to the app. I read somewhere I have to “force close” the app…how do I do that? or what else can I do to connect to Bluetooth again?
BTW - I LOVE the flipping scale and everything it tells me about me… scary numbers, but good to know… lol

Sorry for my delay! Did you get the connection issue resolved before I bounced back here? :slight_smile:

Unable to add scale to Android app V 2.10.74

After pressing " + , add device, scale" the app flashes to the scale ux a second then returns to the dashboard.

Tried phone reboot.

Any suggestions?

I had to reboot my phone twice and then I was able to connect