Scale was connecting.. but stopped

Well, the main thing is the scale… it’s visible to the phone’s bluetooth and I tried seeing what would happen if I paired it to the phone (which it did) …app “Not Connected” so, I unpaired it from the phone again. Seems like when it was working, the app had connected to it independently of the phone’s settings.
I’ve tried multiple times (over a couple of days) and had no luck. The scale itself works and goes through it’s measurements and goes off again. But, no luck getting to the data to the app on my phone.
Today, I took one of the batteries out of the scale, hoping it’d cause it to want to reconnect but, no apparent difference. I have restarted my phone to no effect as well.
The only thing I haven’t tried yet is deleting the scale from the app… didn’t want to lose the data but, may have to… But, before I do that I wanted to see if anyone had anything I may have overlooked trying.
Oh, and, I’ve turned the phone’s bluetooth on/off/on numerous times trying to get ‘em talking again too.
Thanks for gettin’ through my rambling explanation.!
btw, really liking both the band and the scale… even more once these little bugs get worked out.


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If you delete the scale the data should stay intact I believe. I am not 100% sure about this but I think it is stored bu user so as long as you do not delete the user the stats should stay.

Well, it worked. I did have to restart my phone before it’d connect but, as soon as I restarted the phone I was able to add it and, in my case, it had retained the profiles.
It had warned me that I could lose them when deleting it but, worth the chance.

The only other thing… when you first add it, you do not get the option to name that first profile and, can’t edit that field if you go in to modify it. Not a huge deal. I made another but, it’d now be nice if I could remove the unnamed profile so it’d not default to it when I step on the scale.
*chuckling … sorry, my bad… Fix one thing and I move on to the next I have in mind.
Anyway, something to look into maybe in an update so the primary user can put a name on that profile…?.. :wink:
Thanks Much.!!!

Here too. It’s entirely too fiddly having to mess with it anytime I want to connect, eventually restarting the phone. Glad it was cheap. Nice scale, and the connectivity part is cool when it works with nice graphics, but it’s way too unreliable to become daily routine.

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