Scale vs App Display frequently differ by 0.1 lb

This issue doesn’t really bother me since it consistently logs the scale display regardless, but I thought Wyze would want to know and possibly look into making sure it shows the same thing on both displays because some consumers will interpret this negatively that there appears to be some inconsistency and will be seen and inaccuracy (obviously both 165.8 and 165.7 aren’t the same reading.

Can anyone else recreate/confirm this issue?

How discovered: I first noticed this because I watched the phone display (165.7), and then when I looked at the log it showed a higher weight (165.8) 0.1 lb more than my phone display told me it registered. I then saw this same thing happen again another day. Then I later saw the incongruency was showing on the scale and App at the same time. The scale showed the weight that got registered (165.8), and the app showed 0.1 lb less (165.7) than the scale. I have since confirmed this happening for the last few days in a row.

Issue Frequency: Multiple times. Unsure if always or just sometimes, Has happened multiple times though, it may be always.

Last Confirmed Event: 4/29/2020 12:18pm MST

Issue Severity: Low

Mobile Device Details: Samsung Note 8 - Android 9
(more information can be provided if needed)

WyzeBeta Version: 2.10.41
Wyze Scale: Firmware 1.1.1 - PluginVersion
(Can send other info directly to Wyze upon request…ie: MAC Address, User account info, logs, etc…just don’t really want to post any of that publicly) :wink:

Steps to Recreate:

  1. Open the WyzeBeta App
  2. Click on the Scale
  3. Step on the scale
  4. Watch the display on both the WyzeBeta App and the Scale

Expected Result: Scale and app will show the same weight and then that will be logged in the app.

Actual Result: Scale shows one weight, App shows 0.1 lbs less. It then logs in the weight that was shown on the scale, not on the app.

I hope that is helpful.