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Got my scale setup and it automatically used my email address. It won’t let me change my nickname from my email and I can’t add a profile photo. If I add myself as a “user” I then get a message saying two users have similar measurements. How do I fix this?


I’m having the exact same issue. I’m going to try to remove scale, make changes, then reinstall.

UPDATE… I changed my photo in the main account screen but unable to change nickname from my email address. My picture did migrate over to scale once I reinstalled, but still unable to edit nickname,

I removed the weigh in info from the user with the email, created a user for myself using my name and weighed. Just wish I could deleted the email user

I was finally able to change my username in the main Wyze account setup. I used my first and last name with no space and it finally accepted it. It would not accept just my first name, etc. All that info and picture has now migrated to Wyze Scale.

So I deleted the second account I created and now just have the one main account.

I can’t click in the nickname area to even type

You have to edit it from the MyAccount tab in the main Wyze app screen, not in the Wyze Scale screen.

Well good grief!!! Thanks so much!

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I thought I read that there could be more than one user with the scale. I cannot see where to add a second user to the scale so my wife and myself can track each other or independently? Am I right or not?

Click the little cog wheel in the right hand corner, then click “Users”, click “Add Member”. I have my wife and I set up and it’s working great. Automatically knows who is stepping on the scale and puts the measurements under the right user name. I thought the users were supposed to have separate and private accounts though. I can change the profile to my wife’s and see all of her info and she can see mine. I don’t care, but I could see someone else needing/wanting to have that privacy in place as Wyze listed it could do.

There are two ways to have others share the scale. When you add people under “Users,” you can see their info. You can also “Share” with other Wyze users (for example, your wife), in which case, you can’t see their information.

Can the people I added as Users see my info too? Assume they have Wyze app on their phone and signed in with their login details

@superchi the easy way to know if they can see your info is if they use the same logon as you do they can see it, if they have their own account they cannot see it.

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Thank you


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The trouble I had is that when changing my nickname from email address to my first name, Wyze said it was in use…but it isn’t in use on my apps, is it in use on your servers?

For some unknown reason the nickname needs to be unique across all Wyze db’s? That is weird, its a nickname…

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