Scale user management could use improvements

The scale is very attractive, and the display is nice and bright. I have some early comments on its usability.

I don’t see a way to add a picture or name to the default user. Those options are grayed out in the settings.

If you set up users without pictures, and you step on the scale, the app asks if you are this person, but since there’s no picture, I don’t know who it’s asking about. I don’t think it put the name, but as I said above, I can’t set the name for the default user.

After setting up the scale, it ended up putting one of my wife’s weighings under my profile. Now it can’t tell us apart. It recommends only using it with the app connected, which is not a good use pattern.

So, short of deleting the device and re-adding it, I would like a way to delete erroneous weighings, or reassign a weighing to a different user.

Keep up the good work!

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The default user picture and name were pulled from the Wyze app on mine. As You can see from below I had them already set. Are yours set in the main app?

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I had a nickname, but no photo. I just added a photo to the app, but it still doesn’t show either one. Running 2.10.33.

I had a nickname and photo on my Wyze account profile and they didn’t pull over when I set up the Scale. After I changed them in my main account, they then pulled over.

I’m running on an Android phone.

Give that a shot and see if it works for you too.

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From the Wyze scale home page tap the Trend (lb) section > select the menu icon (3 bars) in the upper right > select Edit in the upper right > select scale event lines to delete > select Delete in the lower right. I’m running the public release 2.9.70 so your UI may be different. Also, you may have to kill the app after editing the list and restart to see your changes.


Thanks, I’ll look for that. I did already delete the device and re-add it. Interestingly, it still remembered the user list, so I had to delete each user.

It took a couple of tries before the app picked up my nickname and picture from my profile. I had to change them for the scale to see them.


My wife and I have about a 10 lbs. difference in weight. The app added her weighings into my records a few times now. I delete hers whenever I catch it. But it seems like I shouldn’t have to.

Does the scale only use weight to identify the user? Seems like it should also compare body fat percentage to make a better determination.

The physical scale itself is very nice. How it interfaces with the app could use improvements.

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