Scale firmware issues

When the app states there is a firmware update I run it. It gets about 80% then I get R111 error. Multiple attempts over 3 days and no luck. Phone sitting within 3 ft away. No reason for communication issues.

I’m ready to send this junk back.


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I would recommend you submit a support request on this issue.

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And how many times would you deem appropriate to report the issue to wyze and still they offer no support? Twice, thrice, 4,5,6,7,8+times or should I keep going? Felling totally helps-less at this point. :pray:t3::tired_face:

If you have a support ticket number you can post it and I will try to get someone to look and see why you aren’t getting a response, however that would not happen until tomorrow.

i don’t see the scale firmware.
Still waiting on LOCK FIRMWARE also.

Not sure if they will ever release the lock firmware like the camera firmware. Since there is no SD card with the lock to load it with. Any updates will be via the network I imagine. Same with all devices without an SD card I would think.

There is not external sd card on the scale. The app states there is a firmware update required, and sends it via bluetooth to the scale. So untill it gets updated, we get a nag popup in the app.