Scale - day cutoff time at 4am

I’ve gotten into the habit of weighting myself before going to bed and I’m trying to stick to that because it is suggested to always do it at the same time of the day for best comparability. Depending on the day I can go to bed any time between 11pm and 1am, and this has been causing issues with my history plot view because if last night I measured myself at 1am and tonight at 11pm, they’ll be considered as taken the same day and tonight’s measurement will cover up the previous one, and it looks like yesterday I didn’t weight myself. I think it makes more sense to cut the days at a later time deeper in the night, like 3 or 4am. Apps that monitor the sleep usually do the same when they record the time somebody falls asleep.

The best time to weigh yourself is generally considered first thing in the morning. But consistency is key. If you choose to weigh yourself at night you should pick a time not an activity to tie your weigh in activity to.

Thank you for sharing, I wasn’t aware of it. I’ll probably switch to mornings, however I still think that my suggestion has justification because there will be a portion of the larger user base that will try to weigh themselves at night like I was doing, and changing the cutoff time may improve their product experience

Could well be. Not something I could comment on other than to say it gets very messy to change where days start and stop. Much better to pick a time of day (or night) and stick to it.