Say hello to Wyze Sprinkler Controller - 11/17/20

I would have ordered one immediately if this could be mounted outside. Any outside case it might fit in with a transformer?

Get a Orbit b-Hyde controller. You can mount it outside and have Four programs as well.

They are working on a outside case/cover for the controller

Deer detection would be great for me. Keep the deer from eating my landscaping…maybe

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You got it, Just setup the new Wyze 3 camera, motion sensing or outdoor, have it trigger your Sprinkler. They need to let you trigger the exact zone :slight_smile:

Need an outside option.

I think a soil moisture sensor that bridges like wyze sense would be the icing on the top.

I agree

+1 to the request. I have 9 zones and use RainMachine. Works very well with no monthly fees, but willing to migrate to Wyze to consolidate.

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I have read several comments and questions that relate to the Rachio. I like the overall concept of what Wyze is doing and love to support. I have a Rachio that I have been using for several years. I was excited to see this release and the price. What I felt I was missing was a good comparison to other mainstream smart controllers. Why would I change, what would I be gaining or missing.

I just wish they would have an outdoor unit. I’m in the market for a new controller, but will buy the Orbit unit as I had planned. Too bad, I would love to stay with Wyze, but can’t wait.

Any idea if you are working on a larger one? I would like to do this but I have 12 zones… Would be cool if you had a option to get a larger one with like 16 zones for some big places.

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I have 10 zones. Please make a larger version with more zones!!

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Looking for a unit that can be installed outside.

TL Ernst

Can someone help answer the questions I posted? Thanks.

-How many schedules does it support?
-Can you determine which zones are used per schedule
-Can you manually turn the zones on and off via the app
-Is it weather proof at all… even under the eaves against the house

I’m using the sprinkler controller but it’s set to the wrong time zone, I’m EST the controller is set to PST. I can’t see a way to change. Submitted a ticket and they told me under Advanced Setting tab. Problem is there is no such tab.

I bought one. I created my own schedule. But it has not been skipping with rain, i keep having to manually skip it (even though wind, temp moisture etc skip is enabled). Disappointing that Sprinkler Plus seems to be not working.

This might be due to how the “hyper-local weather” data gets interpreted by the controller. In my case I have a external rain sensor also hooked up and it has skipped a scheduled run due to rain.

The larger issue here I feel is that there is very little feedback or information about why certain things are or are not happening. Hopefully on a software update they can improve upon that.

The default schedule and a customized schedule should behave similar. So while there is surely a hyper local weather component to it (the default schedule seems a little wobbly in it’s skips too), seems the firmware itself has problems too since the customized “smart” schedules seem to be dumb at a different level. I seeded a lawn and this is making me have to intervene manually a lot. Hopefully they release a patch soon.
While I understand the exhilaration that some customers may feel at rapid product launches (and it presumably helps Wyze get rapid market share too), I also get the frustration of other people complaining about supporting released products properly first.

Just wish they would come up with a unit that can be mounted outside. There are a number of folks in our community that use Wyze products and we all would like to try the sprinkler controller, but the unit we all have is mounted outside. Nobody wants to drill holes in our walls just to support an inside device.