Say hello to Wyze Sprinkler Controller - 11/17/20

Can app address more than one controller


Which sensors is this compatible with? Or how many different sensors can you install? I plan to have some PH Level sensors done in our community garden and would ideally like to activate them by zones. Is it possible with this device or I should go back to a DIY controller? I would rather pay $50 here and focus my effort elsewhere if this can take input from different sensors, If so, how many? and can a separate sensor trigger 1 (or more) zones.

thank you

Interesting new product, however, I need at least 11 zones.
Will there be another controller that can handle 12-14 zones?

A question about the subscription time frame. When does the subscription start? When you first setup the unit? Or does the timer (pun intended) start with the shipment of the product? I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger to order the unit, but I most likely wouldn’t install it until I turn my system up in the spring Mar/Apr depending on the weather.

After 3 years how much will Sprinkler Plus cost ?

Assuming the rates stay the same by then…$9.99/yr

(who knows what’ll happen by then though…other bundle offers, inflation, more features added to it, maybe competition drives the price down lower or who knows what else…but for now it’s at $9.99 and that’s the expectation)

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Any timeline on seeking the EPA WaterSense certification? My state gives rebates for smart sprinkler controllers but only ones that are WaterSense certified. This could be a huge opportunity for Wyze to get even more adoption.

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Yes everything should be installed inside the box or where it can’t get water damage.

And I’ll continue saying this because the argument is not old. Of course Wyze will do what they want, until it’s their demise. Because more products that have issues will not gain more customers in the long run.

That’s not necessarily true, it creates a bigger funnel to suck more people into their ecosystem. I’m a good example of this. I never considered Wyze at all for their cams or sensors or anything else. They weren’t on my radar. Suddenly they made an awesomely priced smart Scale (which I was in the market for), and I bought that and LOVED IT! Then I learned a ton more about Wyze and I was hooked and since the purchase of that one smart scale, I now have over 50 Wyze products and growing fast.

More products reach more customers like me and suck us in and we buy tons more products. Heck, I hate subscriptions, but I bought a Video Doorbell (with intent to not use a subscription), and now that they’re adding other things to the AI like pet and package detection and such in addition to PD, I’ve all but decided I’m getting at least 1 CamPlus subscription for my VDB when it’s delivered.

For every customer that leaves Wyze because they added more products, their wider funnel brings in an exponential amount of growth from a wider market, and greater exposure. Some will be upset, but more will fill in that gap. I think they’re doing just fine widening their funnel. I’m really glad they did because I was just about to waste tons of money on Nest cams and subscriptions right when I discovered this wider funnel for this company.

Keep on Wyze, it’s working, you got me gratefully hooked in that whirlpool funnel.

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They should stick with 8. And make it easy via software to use two units as if they were one.

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Looks Awesome!!!

==3 Questions==

  1. How many schedules does it support and can you determine which zone(s) per schedule?

  2. Can you manually turn the zones on and off via the app manually?

  3. Not weather proof at all? Not even under the eaves against the house?


No fair I don’t have a sprinkler system :weary: AND it’s late Fall/early Winter. No sense in watering the grass, now.

I’ve got an idea for an application for the sprinkler controller, combined with a Wyze camera. I just need the camera to have squirrel detection.


I’m sure there is someone out there who could help - if you flash the firmware of the camera to the one that supports RTSP, monitor the stream using image detection for squirrels and then use that as a trigger for sprinkler activation…

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Nice, I’m In!

I agree, since each head is controlled electrically, there should be no reason why you couldn’t put part of the zones in one controller and the rest in the other controller.

It seems decent, but I currently have a Rachio with 16 zones. Although Rachio has been so reliable to date if you offer a 16-zone controller, I’d gladly buy one as I have many other Wyze products.

Not trying to critique Wyze but why keep introducing new things when there are issues with old products that needs to be addressed.

For example replacement bands for the Wyze Band?