"Save Failed" when trying to save a clip from Playback



I am having a problem when trying to save a smaller clip to my album from my SD cared stored playback. I receive the pop up banner that says “Saved failed”

To recreate the issue, once logged into the camera from the app:

  1. Tap "View Playback"
  2. Set the time I want to start viewing playback (in this case 13:14:40)
  3. Once playback begins tap "Record"
  4. Tap "Stop" to end the recording
After tapping "Stop" the alert "Save failed" pops up.

I have power cycled the camera, logged out of the app, reinstalled the app, checked for firmware updates, checked for iOS updates.

The problem still persists.

Has anyone else remedied this issue.






Go to iOS Settings app and scroll down to Wyze. Make sure that Allow Wyze to Access… Photos is set to Read and Write (not Never).