Satellite chimes for Doorbell Pro

Like many on here, I researched and believed that I could add multiple chimes to the doorbell pro to cover my large house only to learn when it arrived that I cannot. This is super frustrating as my three additional chimes are now useless and there are parts of my house where I cannot hear the chime that came with the unit. UGGH. This is a no-brainer. Please add ASAP

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Same as many others. I found a support page that said that multiple chimes could be added to the doorbell. I purchased 2, only to find out that chimes only work with the Pro model.

I just missed a ring this morning because I could not hear the chime. Not sure why this product would make it to market without the feature that the basic unit has.

The Amazon listing makes it more clear that it does not work on the Pro model. The listing on the Wyze site leaves it ambiguous if you are not familiar with the fact that “Works only with Wyze Video Doorbell” means something distinctly different than “Wyze Video Doorbell PRO.”

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Welcome to the community @jr4 , I am a volunteer community member. sorry to hear you are having this issue.

You can utilize the VoIP to receive a phone call when the doorbell is pressed. Have you tried this in the interim?

If not, you can turn this on by going to:

Account>Notifications>Push Notifications>Voice Over IP

Then turn on IP Calls

The satellite chimes do work with the Video Doorbell. (I bought one, and it works.) The issue–if I understand this post correctly–is that they do not work with the Video Doorbell Pro.

I got it backwards in that post (corrected). I got the Pro doorbell and purchased the additional chimes (which do not work).