Rules do not work with Person detection

so i a guess “getting ignored” is the reply since i didn’t get a reply

My guess is, it’ll work when it works. Until then it won’t work. :slight_smile:
The development “team” don’t seem to communicate with each other much.

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Unfortunately no further information/updates on this yet, but I will let you know as soon as we hear any!


this is HUGELY disappointing to me @NumberOne Wyze continues to tease us with new products (Outdoor cam, doorbell, etc.) and release new firmware and changes to the Beta app but no one can look at the code and see why rules, something that has been part of the base app since it was released, are not working.

person detection had no issues at all triggering my wyze plugs when it was the original person detection. Maybe i am simplifying this too much because i am in the IT business but seriously, someone cannot call up the old code that was working on one screen and call up the new code that is not working and compare them side by side? i realize the person detection now is not the same as the original and the code will be different but doing a comparison side by side may shed some light and cause an “ah-ha” moment to happen.

I don’t know why they leave it in the app as an option you can choose when they know it doesn’t work. It would be better to have it shown but disabled rather than letting users think it’s supposed to work.

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Hello Kyle, my name is Don Kelley. I can send you logs that substantiate the failure of the person detection event to trigger my outdoor Wyze bulbs. Of course, this used to work prior to the Apple situation. I realize that I may be too late to assist you. Please let me know if it would be helpful as I would be happy to assist you with characterizing the problem symptoms.
Best regards,

i have and a few others have sent him logs. right now it seems this issue is not as important as releasing new products

I had it working for about a day. This is what happened. I looked in the app and my wyze bulb was off line?? I tried to turn the light on from the app and it was a no go. So “oh no don’t tell me I have to set it up again”. Well I turned the light switch off and on the bulb lit up and went back on line so I used alexa to turn it off. Later I got a person notification and the light went on ( a bit slow though) so I tested it and the rule work. It was short lived though that evening it stopped working and hasn’t worked since. I haven’t switched the switch off and on to see if I could duplicate it as if goes bonkers I don’t want to have to set the bulb up again.

I have the same issue but also with my motion sensor and instead of a plug its my wyze light bulbs are the action part of the rule, they were working but are no longer since like the recent update on beta so I downgraded to see if that worked and then reupgraded and it worked for one night and hasn’t since. I’ll try power cycling everything and get back to see if it fixed anything.

We pushed some fixes which should correct PD triggering Rules. If this issue is persisting, please send us a log so we can investigate this!

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well i can tell you the original reason this ticket was opened is still not fixed. Using person detection as a rule to trigger my wyze plug is still not working

Can you try deleting the rule and remaking it? I wonder if that will kick start it.

It hasn’t worked for me.

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OMG!!! I think it’s fixed. I will need to test again but my plug came on after the camera detected a person. Like I said, I will need to test some more to be sure

Check Account -> Rules History. Compare the number of times your rules was triggered with the number of Events for that camera where a person was detected.
Today my Person Detection rule ran 3 times but people were detected 6 times on that camera.

Mine have been acting strange lately especially since I now have one on the CAM+ trial.
I am getting many PD but most are trucks, cars, vans, etc. not people. All of these are outside the detection zone defined (I’ve heard that doesn’t matter for PD).These are on a V2 with CAM+. All of the PD now seems to be triggering the rule to turn on the plug but most are now not real PD.

On my Pan cam (not w/ CAM+ trial) in back yard there are no vehicles only people that are mostly real PD but none of those are triggering the rule to turn on the plug.

Not sure if CAM+ is related to the rule issues now as another variable to all of this.

I just got the early-adopter email offer to “Name Your Price” for Wyze’s person-detection replacement… Cool offer!

I feel guilty putting in $0 for my subscription price, I don’t wanna bankrupt Wyze, their cameras and sensors and bulbs are great little devices and super-affordable compared to their competitors.

I mean, I’ve got some products from their competitors that sense motion more reliably and a bit more quickly and/or get disconnected from the network far far far less often and are easier to reconnect when the do and/or aren’t so totally dependent on the cloud etc… But only stuff I own that’s better than Wyze on those fronts are (a) Way more expensive and (b) Usually much bulkier. Whereas with Wyze I can afford to put cameras, sensors, and bulbs all over the place; and they sleek, small, discreet designs don’t ugly the house up as much as some competitor products.

But… I really don’t want to be stuck with yet another monthly subscription for the rest of my life, no matter how small. One of the initial appeals of Wyze was that it wasn’t yet another subscription service. I’d prefer to pay X amount upfront to unlock access rather than have more line-items to sift through on my credit card bill every month.

Also, it seems like there should be an option to have different price points for Person Detection that is vs. isn’t being used for cloud-recording videos. Like I check the Wyze cloud clips based on alerts now and again, but mostly I use Wyze for continuous capture (recorded on the local memory card) and for live-view. Having Person Detection trigger a bunch of additional cloud recordings, for me, isn’t essential; but I’m guessing that its those cloud recordings, rather than the Person Detection processing itself, that’ll make up a substantial portion of Wyze’s costs… I wonder if they’ve considered having a tier “Person Detection Without Extra Cloud Recordings: Free” vs. “Pay for extra cloud storage.” Hmm.

But, perhaps most importantly, and the reason I’m posting in this thread: I’ve had no luck getting the Wyze Person Detection Beta to work with Rules/Triggers. I recall it wasn’t perfect, but was pretty solid when Person Detection was running off the locale software, but now I can’t do something even simple like, “Turn on light when person is detected.”

So I’ve been switching to installing more Wyze Sense motion-sensors for triggering lights based on motion instead, since the Person Detection can’t seem to do it, while the regular Wyze Cam motion-sense (without Person Detection) can trigger rules but is too easily confused by every random motion, shadow, or flicker of light to work as a reliable rule-trigger (e.g., if a firefly a mile away flies past my window, the Wyze Cam motion sensor is liable to turn on every light in my house if I set a lightbulb rule against it).

Likewise annoyed that Wyze Person Detection and motion-detect/no-motion-detected can’t be easily used for Alexa rules either. (Wyze Sense is great for all of that though, even without Person Detection – the standalone Wyze Sensors are amazing for their size and price, and work great with Wyze and Alexa rules).

Maybe if the Wyze Person detection starts working better overall and can reliably trigger rules and becomes compatible with Alexa routines… Maybe I’ll consider adjusting my subscription price above $0. At least then I wouldn’t need to place a standalone motion sensor next to every camera, if the camera’s sensor could do the job itself.

Still, would rather pay a flat one-time evergreen fee, even if that fee were higher than what a full couple of years of a subscription would cost. But, yeah, only then if I was sure the system was actually great and worth paying for…

For now I’ll have to justify my $0 subscription as continued, sporadic Person Detection beta testing.

paying everything upfront can be dangerous too

12-13 years go i paid garmin to get lifetime update on their map of gps, now u know the answer, no one even use offline map

companies, small or big, can be nonexist after a few years…

I won’t prepay for hardware but your example isn’t great. You can still update your GPS maps.

You’re concerns are valid. Google just ditching big projects on the drop of a dime definitely can make me worried. Not saying this’ll happen any time soon with Wyze but they’ve been good at keeping their promises, even if it means a potential financial loss for them.

I’d only go year-by-year because that’s a pretty safe interval to pre-pay by.

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