Rules do not work with Person detection

Double checked on this-- currently Person Detection isn’t able to trigger Rules, but we’re aiming to bring that in 2.10 :slight_smile:


There it is! Thanks for checking on it! Can the rule trigger be grayed out or disabled till then? Some type of note added maybe, but that might need a firmware update in itself.

Thanks @NumberOne!


Thanks @NumberOne, I tested this myself with a rule that has person detected turn on a bulb. Didn’t work, as you explain.

Then I changed it to camera detects motion (a camera without PD enabled) turns on the bulb. That doesn’t turn on the bulb either. The motion events so far have been CMC events. Does CMC also prevent motion triggered rules from working?


I know at one time they did, but for some reason I thought that had been fixed. I could be wrong though.

@Loki & @Jason21271

I’m tracking down some engineers with a bone to pick with them on this. I’ll let you know how the hunt turns out. If I don’t return, remember me as I was – charming and handsome.


That may require a firmware update, so I believe this will be part of that upcoming firmware update :slight_smile:

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Well, after saying it wasn’t working, it did start working for me. Have no idea why it wasn’t at first.

you have Rules working with Person Detection? may i ask how you fixed it?

No, I have rules working with a camera on CMC, not PD.

Now I have rules that have worked for months with motion sensors working one time and not the next. I’ve power cycled & restarted bridge cam, removed/replaced battery, deleted and reinstalled sensors. Still works one time then not the next. All the the rules do involve a time factor and are directed to switch a bulb. Any ideas??

When that rule fails to trigger, would you mind sending in logs so we can pass that to the engineers to examine?

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Wei be glad to. It’s weird- they work and then don’t with no predictability. But I’ll submit next time.

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i just triggered my rule and my plug did not turn on as it should and immediately submitted a log

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A little late here. I couldn’t get person detection to trigger a bulb either. Cam setting are set to person I do get a notification. I have it set to trigger the bulb no dice. If I change the trigger in the rule on the cam to motion it works fine. (except I have to use Alexa to turn the light off) I think an upcoming update might but a timer in there “hint”.

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any updates on this issue?

Not that I’ve heard of. They asked for log submisssion when the rule fails and a couple of us have, but haven’t heard anything yet.
@NumberOne - any updates?

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No updates yet on my end, I’m poking folks with a sharp stick until they give me an answer.


The poking has yielded responses:

This is still in development, no updates yet other than it’s not possible to do in the app yet. :cry:


Ah, glad I finally found this thread, this has been driving me crazy — my 4 cams are correctly detecting people now with the beta-detection (the little “person” icon usually appears next to the event recordings that have people in the videos), and I saw that “person detected” was available as an option in the rules again, so I’d switched all my related Rules to use “person detected” instead of just any “motion detected,” and all those Rules haven’t worked since…

Then went through all the steps of switching person detection on and off, making sure firmware was up to date, and restarting the cams, recreating the Rules from scratch, etc., no luck.

Figured I’d was doing something wrong so started hunting around in the forums here… Disappointed there’s no solution yet, but glad to hear it’s a known issue and being worked on at least.


Any updates or is this issue just getting ignored?