RTSP video stream channels

currently i am running a single camera on the rstp firmware. i have successfully been able to access it using VLC 3.0.8. i have also been able to access it using control4. before i dive into this rabbit hole of trial and error i wanted to reach out and see if anyone has had the chance to find a different stream to access the lower quality streams, just like in the app.

Ho @martinmadness2014,

Are you asking if there is an application that is able to switch the quality of playback, like the Wyze app does?

I know I could run the live feed through an nvr or dvr and then change the output quality to match what I need it to. But I want to be able to access a secondary stream on the camera itself to access the lower quality, I don’t know if it’s possible through the camera itself or if it will have to be an app or recorder unit.

So to answer your question, I would like a url link that corresponds to the lower video quality.

Understood, Unfortunately the hardware in the cameras use one or the other, but are unable to access both quality’s at the same time, For example, if you go to your Wyze app on one device and choose low quality and then open the wyze app on another device and choose the high quality, it will change on the other device also. Unless there is something I don’t know about , Maybe one of the @mavens has more information.

It also wouldn’t hurt to shoot support a quick question asking about this either if no one is able to provide you a solid answer. by clicking HERE

Good Luck :smiley:

Yea that’s what I noticed also, which makes me believe there is not an actual address that was created from wyze. I would ditch the camera in the app if I could get it to access a lower quality but we will see. Thank you for your help. Hopefully they can do that for me haha. I’ll have to check that link you posted.

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do you have a setup process for Control4? what driver are you using?

thanks in advance.