Rtsp on Wyse Camera v3

I agree and believe they will never give us rtsp. They have probably decided to just force people ( if they can) to use their subscription service. I am sorry I bought the V3 and I don’t buy Wyze products anymore.

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There are many of us who use this camera as a live cam in a vehicle and / or off the grid in commercial buildings. We not only don’t have internet , we don’t want it - nor do we want subscriptions to anything.

That said - does anyone know of a DECENT RTSP camera in a similar form factor - powered by USB or 12V ? I’m over WYZE - returned 166 of their V3 cams this past week. We are abandoning the brand and looking for something else.

Specifically I need something that works with TinyCam Pro

There are lots of great IP cameras out there, complete with POE and RTSP, but they’re not as small and/or as cheap as the V3. Conversely, the V3 has a small form factor and it’s cheap, but it lacks essential functionality like POE and RTSP. Probably worth mentioning too that the audio quality is pretty terrible, but again, it’s cheap. If the form factor or the cheapness is more important than essential functionality, then the V3 might make sense.

Otherwise, lots of things are better, I literally don’t have any other cameras that are as bad as the V3, but I’d still buy some for applications where the form factor makes more sense than a traditional POE camera, if Wyze would fix RTSP. I’d even pay more for RTSP and POE. Would you? Or is it a case of wanting a real camera for $30? Because in my experience, real cameras cost more than that. For example, we have some really nice POE cameras, but they’re 10x more expensive.

Is it reasonable to expect the same kind of functionality and performance for orders of magnitude less? I mean, I want RTSP as much as anyone does, but Wyze’ whole business model depends upon their cloud app. It’s a little camera designed for people who don’t yet understand the real world challenges of video surveillance. Or perhaps for people who just want to play around with a camera, but who aren’t willing to deal with (or pay for) a “real” system. Or at least, not yet.

Many in this thread are in transition…beginning to understand, and frustrated that a $30 camera can’t do what they are now beginning to understand that it needs to do in order to be viable.

I agree with most of what you say, but you forgot to mention that Wyse sort of said they would give us rtsp… then they didn’t. That is the crux of this situation.

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Fair point, and I have to admit that I almost bought some on the strength of that implied promise. But having been an early adopter for most of my life, I am slowly learning to base my buying decisions upon the product version that actually exists.

This is exactly the reason why I swapped out most of my V2s for V3s.

Wyze also reneged on their promise of us not paying for AI detection…

If you signed up for legacy you do not have to on the v2, they never promised it on the v3