Rtsp on Wyse Camera v3

Hi all,

I just purchased a Wyse cam v3 to mount on my 3D printer only to find out there is no rtsp over local network as standard.

Anyone able to give advice on how I enable

Otherwise I’ve wasted some funds ;(

I already have ring, which at the moment are similar to these in operation. I need rtsp functionality please.


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RTSP is promised for the V3 but no date has been given. RTSP is available for the V2 and Pan cameras. I am also anxiously awating RTSP for my currently eight V3 cameras. You can wait for it, or pick up a V2 and put the RTSP firmware in that (there are lots of V2 camera available on the used market as people have upgraded to the V3). I’m sure you can find some other use for the V3…

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I already have a couple Wyze cams and am interested in the v3, but will not be making any purchases until the rtsp is developed. I use these cameras in conjunction with you Synology surveillance station, so hopefully this actually gets done and not just a promise that never gets fulfilled.

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Many of us are anxiously not buying, waiting on RTSP for v3…

Wyze, can you please provide at least a date for release of RTSP for V3 Cams? I purchased 10 cams before finding out that RTSP was only available on V2 cams. We’re holding purchasing anymore cameras until RTSP is available for V3 Cams.

I need to use this as a security camera live view system with a QNAP NAS.

As a work-around I set up 9 cams on an Nvidia Shield running TinyCam Pro, but all of the cameras constantly drop offline for minutes at a time. Usually only 2-3 cameras will show their stream at any given time. Sometimes 6 cameras will show, but hardly ever all 9. It’s very frustrating. Running TinyCam Pro in BlueStacks doesn’t resolve the issue either.

Please, Wyze, don’t remain silent. It’s obvious you’re leveraging quite a bit into your “Cam Plus” product, but I withdrew procurement recommendations of nearly 150 V3 cams to clients unless/until RTSP capability becomes available. Wyze, you need to understand that you’re potentially alienating your best sales force: V3 Cam end users & consultants, who would recommend your products to people who might purchase Cam Plus, or at a minimum who could help you increase your market share in this segment.