RTSP on V2 clicking audio in Netcam Studio

I am running RTSP on 2 pans and a V2 and when I access them through Netcam Studio the V2 is having a weird clicking sound but the pans do not exhibit the same behavior. Is this a bug on the v2’s?



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My Cam Pan has the same random, frequent popping when listening to the audio through Netcam Studio. It did not happen in the prior release of the RTSP firmware.

I’m just waiting to see if the next RTSP FW release will fix it.

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As a side note I have since loaded the previous release of the RTSP FW ( and the audio is now working just fine. I think now we can confirm an official bug in the RTSP FW audio on the Cam Pan.


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Same symptoms on iVideoN…

The Noise is there on latest firmware
It also triggers to record in Netcam Studio , even with audio settings shut off.
I have not seen the same problem in Ispy