RTSP for V3

That’s just the old Dafang hack. He’s doing it on a Pan Cam analog. Not sure whether it works on V3.

The last time I looked at Dafang it only worked on V2s and Pan Cam, not the V3. Just looked at GitHub and still no listing for V3.

Old?? That article was published back in Feb. 2018. I’d call it ancient history as far a Wyze goes.

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Hmm…Just over a month later from your first RTSP for V3 request and nothing. Shame, but I agree that they are looking toward options that steady their future plans and options and leaving people like you and I out in the cold.

Sadly, I’ll be leaving for greener pastures if Wyze RTSP and ONVIF (even better) don’t come our way for future technology.

This is gonna be a dumb question…I should know better…I do know better…but I am getting desperate…ready?..has anyone flashed RSTP firmware now used on a v2 to a v3?

Inquiring minds do want to know.:+1::grin:

The Wyze Cam v2 firmware won’t work on a v3. However, we are about to open beta testing for the v3 RTSP firmware. :slight_smile:


I’ll be the first to ask the obvious question: how do we get in on the beta? I did several months of testing on the WCO, so I’m on a list somewhere.


I’ll be posting the link here when we’re ready to send it out. You can download and test it at your leisure. :slight_smile:


Good news! Wanted to add a V3 to my existing V2s in order to test performance on my BlueIris system and, presumably, that day isn’t too far off.

Thanks, WyzeGwendolyn!

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I want to be your BEST BETA TESTER


I would like to be a beta tester.

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I’ll Beta Test Please!

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Will it be a “link” to software or will we have to use the Facebook group?

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When I get the green light, I’ll be posting the link to the firmware file here. I’ll also tell the team to keep an eye here as well for feedback about the implementation. :slight_smile:

And @CaptainKirk, I’ve always wanted such an exemplary captain to put us through our paces! I look forward to seeing you ruin the curve for other testers. :wink:


Any chance there will be RSTP firmware for the new Pan V2 before a year? I normally pre-order every new cam and most other products that I would use. I am not pre-ordering the Pan V2 because RSTP and I’m also kind of miffed that after all the new “price transparency” that had shipping included in the price “from now on”, this camera comes out and shipping is extra again. Seriously?!? Who is in charge of these bad decisions?
Please tell management they are screwing up again! I appreciate the financial struggles of 2020, but if Wyze is truly back after securing the investor money, why the reversing standards and misinformation?
As a long term Wyze customer, it still doesn’t feel like Wyze is truly back yet. I’ll wait to see if things get better, but I’m not feeling the need to be an early adopter.

Hey, everyone! Here’s the post you’ve been waiting for!

Version :

Release Notes:

  • Added support for RTSP
  • Based on 4.36.2.X

Caution: AI and other Cam Plus-related features may be unstable for cameras on this firmware. Please only flash this firmware if you intend to use RTSP full-time.


You can learn more about Wyze RTSP in this support article:

Happy testing and please let us know how it goes! :tada:




@Mlash, I appreciate your feedback and took a screenshot to share with the team!

I personally wouldn’t expect an RTSP version for Wyze Cam Pan v2 for at least a year. The reason it took so long for Wyze Cam v3 is because we need to make sure that we have stable firmware to use as a base before we can even really start. Planned features that weren’t ready yet, bug fixes, etc. will push back the timing for getting the RTSP going and then it’s somewhat tricky to fit onto our cameras. So the development also takes a while compared to the regular firmware track where we’re building on the existing stuff instead of making a new streaming implementation.

For the shipping cost thing, we posted near the end of May that we were running some tests because we saw a sudden drop in sales. These tests have had inconclusive results so we’ve been doing on-and-off testing since then. My team has been collecting the customer feedback about this to present to the rest of the company and your post is now included in this.

Thanks for raising your concerns to me! :slight_smile:


Downloaded and ready to load…

It’s raining here, so I’ll wait until tomorrow to fetch the camera.


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