RTSP for V3

Unless you run a WINS server, static IP addresses are not seen in network discovery as there is nothing writing the IP address in the DNS table… Here is a Microsoft Technet article regarding…


Lots of articles related to this subject. Just google “Static addresses not showing up in network discovery.”

Sorry no, none of that has anything to do with it. That article and all the search hits are about either DNS or Windows networking, neither of which has anything to do with this. TinyCam does a very straightforward walk of the IP subnet it finds itself on. There is no reliance on DNS or NetBIOS, at least as far as I understand.

Glad you got your cams working but static IP does not sound like the reason why.

Somewhat coincidentally I came back to this thread after a short review of videos covering DOODS and HomeAssistant and Tensorflow and Deepstack and finally Frigate. And I had watched the EverythingSmartHome guy’s videos on two of those, so this was perfect. He talks faster than some others (Vaclav looking at you) but still understandable at 1.5x speed.

Not having really dipped a toe into HA yet, I’m wondering if using a single NVidia Jetson Nano for everything (HA and FrigateNVR and Tensorflow AI and storage) might suffice even without benefit of a Coral USB device or x86 PC, since the Jetson does AI well. I want basic person detection across 2-6 cameras.

Any thoughts?

My iSpy app does not use camera UID and it works perfect for RTSP v2s

This is specifically a workaround for the lack of RTSP firmware (using cloud protocol) for v3 cams. All of my v2 cams are RTSP and were always working fine.

You are correct about WINS. Sorry, wasn’t thinking correctly. There is still reliance on DNS registration which static IP’s set in the app will not perform.

I too am hoping that the RTSP for V3 will be coming out soon. I have my own custom server that I would like to add my V3 cameras to but am not able to since there is no RTSP stream as of yet!

I have been checking regularly for a release of the Cam 3 RTSP firmware since December of 2020. I am still very eager for the release, but disappointed it has not yet been completed when it was stated to be in the works at the time of purchase. I have been waiting to purchase additional cams until it is released. Let this be a lesson to not buy on futures. For the next generation I hope the feature will be included out of the box or available on release.

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I am getting old

I find it amusing that Wyze is waiting for a stable version of firmware to base RTSP off of. These products have been being sold and in production environments for nearly a year. I have to question the technical competency of a company that would place unstable firmware in production and not have it stable in that timeframe.
I continue to buy and use Wyze goodies because they are cheap, but I consider them my big boy toys. The fact that they now sell security monitoring services that are based in part on the use of v3 cams is, in my opinion, highly irresponsible and unprofessional. I was fine when they used the disclaimer that their products were not for true security use, but they have now crossed a line by selling a “professional” monitoring service but still claiming that their flagship camera device is operating on unstable firmware.
You can’t have it both ways. Either these are recreational toys and we need to lower our expectations, or they are production security devices that are stable and we can entrust our safety to them. If it is actually the later, then @WyzeGwendolyn should not justify delays in releasing a RTSP version based on unstable base firmware. Like I previously said, you can’t have it both ways. It is time for Wyze to grow up and act as a responsible corporation if they want to be in the security business. I don’t subscribe to their monitoring, but if I did, and god forbid some tragedy occurred, I know there are many really good lawyers that would love to exploit comments like “waiting for stable firmware” to justify the demand for huge settlements.
I still really like Wyze and their products, but I am very disappointed that they want to sell premium security services yet still make excuses for dev delays claiming stability issues in a nearly year old product. It is making the organization look foolish and incompetent. Time to step it up Wyze!


RTSP was developed in 1996. If Wyze wanted to include it in their V3 hardware they could easily. It’s not a technical roadblock…it’s trying to get buyers to purchase their monthly fee. Follow the $$$.


While we have a lot of clients/projects such as EVs.live, Cosplay.live, Bunnies.live, etc that require live streaming video cameras using RTSP, we’d be especially happy if the V3 and future models had one big download button to simply download all of the videos and photos so we don’t have to remove them manually… dozens of SD cards fought with “the struggle is real” effort to even take them out of the camera after the battle opening up the protective flap is won… then copying all of the files over to local hard drives to then struggle to put the SD cards back in. Worse is all of this most often results in having to move the cameras at the least if not also having to remove them from camera mounts etc to get to them. We do a lot of time lapse.videos with the videos so when the cameras are moved, so it really messes all of that up, unfortunately. So, please add a Download button to the app so the SD card videos and photos can be downloaded preferably to a Mac/PC then we could format them to start a fresh collection… hopefully then alerted that the cards are almost full again to download once more, ;-).


I unwittingly, presumptuously assumed that the V3 would have RTSP. after all they had released it for the V2, this was new version so why not. Unfortunately i found out after my purchase that it did not, but it was being developed - YEAH! I can wait. So after 6 plus months of waiting… Yeah, ok. Since then, as my V2 was now displaying only red tinted videos and no RTSP in sight I sprung for a Reolink.
NVR connection? no problem, RTSP? no problem, Connect to a NAS?- here are the directions.
The V3 still sitting in a box on my shelf waiting.
I love these little cams, they are small and hardly noticeable, The Reolink is bigger and bulky and placement where I want it is not that great but that is a choice I had to make.


Which Reolink model did you buy? Thanks!

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This one and the RLC-410 is compatible with the Synology or QNAP NAS.

Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-LU 4MP ColorVu 2.8mm is also a great CAM and won the reviews on the “Hookup” channel for color NightVision ( youtube ) …ONVIF .POE… with mic … works on Synology and QNAP …

That’s a very high price point. Its not that comparable to the Wyze price point.
Basically Wyze needs to quit stalling and release the RTSP firmware or just come out and say its not happening. This dragging out process undermines the goodwill and loyalty that they had deservedly earned. Now they are on the precipice of being “just another vendor”.

This article might help explain their delays in implementing RTSP.

Now lets use some of the $100 million to deliver v3 RTSP firmware to your customers that bought your products back when you really needed to make those sales. Go Wyze v3.

Has anyone risked bricking their v3 and tried this? Hacking a $30 IoT camera to do more than it’s worth. | by Tomas C. | HackerNoon.com | Medium