RTSP for V3

Would there be a possibilty to mute the bickering on this subject? I am getting a little miffed on my inbox being filled with these interchanges. People can have differing opinions. Accept that and move on

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Alright, folks. Looks like this one went really off the rails for a bit. I’m going to close this topic temporarily but we will try opening it again in the future.

The last thing I heard is that we’re still intending to do RTSP for Wyze Cam v3 but that we’ve been working on stabilizing the primary firmware version first. This is important because we build RTSP builds using the standard firmware as a template and RTSP firmware isn’t updated often. I’ll make sure this thread is shared with the PM. :slight_smile:


I bought the V3 because of the great price and with the expectation I would eventually be able to use it with RTSP. I would still pay for a cam+ subscription for the cloud storage and continually improving motion detection. Unfortunately Wyze has made it clear it doesn’t matter how many of their current customers want this feature they aren’t interested in actually implementing it. As a result it is the last product I’ll be buying from Wyze. I’m willing to pay a little more for a competent camera where wanted (read: advertised and expected) features are not forthcoming. I just don’t see any reason to buy into an ecosystem of products where reasonable features take the entire lifecycle of a product to be delivered (assuming RTSP ever becomes a standard reality for Wyze products).

I would say the opposite, they are working on it, it will happen. They have to get the bugs out of the base firmware first as they use it to make the RTSP firmware

And as I recall, I think I remember reading the conducted a survey or count and a single digit percentage of their current customers wanted it. If I was deciding, that would put it on the back burner and work on it sometimes.

I have a half dozen V2 units running the RTSP firmware and streaming to a Blue Iris PC. Works great. When the V3 RTSP firmware is posted, I’ll replace my V2’s with V3’s.

I am patient. Om…

Is there a post you or someone can reference that shows this single digit percentage?


Hey yeah, what a novel idea. If you don’t want or like what people are saying just mute them. Let’s call it CANCEL CULTURE.

How about going open source and we will build it for you.

I don’t recall them. saying it was a single digit percentage, but to be honest it probably is in the single digits. Wyze has said they are going to do a RTSP version for the v3 and are currently working on it.

FINALLY got all 8 v3 (exterior) cameras working in TinyCam Pro using cloud protocol! All of the interior cams are v2 on RTSP.


mcdiis, nice. would you please share the settings used (and method of discovery if applicable) for ONE v3 in TC?

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I’ve had ONE camera working in TC pro since I got them (pre-ordered),

  1. I assigned a static ip to the camera in the router (DHCP address reservation).
  2. Restart camera and verify proper IP address is set (in app).
  3. In TC, added camera from scratch specifying Wyze Labs → Wyze Cam, aforementioned IP address, and using cloud protocol
  4. Used email address & password used for wyze.com account
  5. It worked!

The way I got the other cameras working was scanning the network for cameras (it got all kinds of different manufacturers), and then fixing the settings for each camera. Once you get one working, go to the “Camera Status” in edit camera, and let it pull up a list of cameras. Note the channel number of the camera you want. Now as you edit each camera go to advanced settings and change the camera channel to the desired cam. The key to getting multiple cloud protocol cams to work seems to be the camera UID which can only be specified by scanning the network.

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Nice work, many individuals have been trying to figure this out. Just to clarify, the key is to set a static IP? Then when you let TC scan for camera’s it actually found the camera’s?

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Nope, I wasn’t bothering to bookmark it for future reference. If i recall correctly, it was someone’s comment after a Wyze AMA.

I have everything (important) in the house on DHCP reservations. They are not true static assignments, but rather always get the same IP address via DHCP. True static assignments (in the app) would make them undiscoverable when scanning the network. Yes, it found all of my cameras, thermostat, and scale! lol

ON A SIDE NOTE, I am using an old nVidia Shield TV with TinyCam Pro to drive a cheap 4k 55" TV for my cameras. Now that I got this working, I’m going to try my luck on an old Android tv (built in).

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Good to know. I set some up in the past with an IP Reservation as I was trouble shooting an issue, which actually turned out to be my Mesh Router - Deco x60. Never thought about testing it with TC.

Will need to test and verify.

That really doesn’t make much sense. Whether or not the IP is static or dynamic, any network discovery should find it just fine, as long as it’s the same single network subnet.