RTSP for new V3 camera

+1 for RTSP for V3 Cams. (anyone know if RTSP will be a thing on the WOCs and/or the Doorbell cam?)


Good luck with the return I’m pretty sure that they sabotage the ability to put in for a return to deny people the ability. I’ve tried returning the broken scale, the broken door sensors, and the broken v3 cams but no matter what i was never able to get completely through the process for a return. i tried on both mobile and desktop and it always resulted in the returns process kicking me back to the beginning of the application after I click submit. Tried speaking up about it on here but the mods seemed more interested in the fact that I said the dirty 4 letter P word that sounds like (Hiss) than to take my post serious and help me get all the broken junk returned.

In the end i just sold most of it to another user on here for a few bucks plus shipping. I really didn’t think i should charge more than a few bucks for the over $100 in wyze products because i already know what the guy is in for.

Now i have 2 wyze smart watches that just arrived a couple of weeks ago as well. They don’t sync with google fit, turning my wrist usually just results in me having to hit the button to power it on. Cant return them because the returns process is forever broken. Anybody want a couple wyze watches? Sell them for $10 each plus shipping.

Hmm - I’ve had 2 v3 cams with issues, and they exchanged the first, and provided a replacement for the second, without requiring a return. It took about 10 days to respond to my initial contact in each case (which had me concerned at the time), but from that point onward, they responded daily - sometimes a couple times the same day.

+1 for RTSP, or ONVIF - whatever!

@WyzeRyan this is essential. I have a mix of thirty different brand security cameras at two sites (business and commercial). All monitored LIVE by our team through the Blue Iris web server capability/

The starlight performance of your V3 cam really impresses us, and we’ve already deployed six of them acrosss two accounts ands sites side by side next to your competitors.

At the moment, the ONLY thing stopping us from replacing oue other cams with yours is this lack of RTSP or ONVIF interface.

If you add that (soon), your cameras move to prime positon and out orders come in.

This capability allows camera managers like us to couple advanced detwction algortithms you may never want to include and ALPR with your fantastic cameras and form factor.

By delaying RTSP, you’re losing buyers.




After reading the info on wikipedia for both ONVIF and RTSP, I assumed I’d see one refer to the other, as I thought they were closely related. Neither article did so.

So, in a nutshell, is one better than the other? MY QNAP QVRpro NVR program can use either standard to add camera’s. IT appears to me that ONVIF offers much more control over the camera along with being able to view the video stream, whereas RTSP is just viewing the video stream and nothing else?


imho either can be better - it depends on your definition of better :slight_smile: and how the camera designer chooses to implement the features available in each area of the standards

I’ve seen some cameras put all their development time into one interface type and neglect the other so badly it wasnt worth even connecting to

it seems RTSP is their favorite tho, and I’be just fine with that - if they stream out even one profile that is as close to the native resolution, uses H264 (minimum), and with a frame rate of at least 15fps (all I need, even for 35 mph license plate captures at night on other cameras)

i’m holding on further purchases until Blue Iris can connect and stream video from this camera

They address two different needs. ONVIF is a camera detection protocol. It allows one to identify available cameras on the network and how to connect to them. It’s been a long time, but I believe you still need to supply the password if so protected.

RTSP is a network transport protocol, how to send/merge/split multiple video streams.

Basically, these protocols allow different camera brands to interoperate.

Sometimes, I think Wyze doesn’t want their cameras to coexist with other brands as the reason they don’t implement these.

I read someone say they got V3 RTSP working by using this:

They said it was based on the Wyze Hacks code (posted above in post 56):


No they just want to sell their crap cloud service. They’re banking on the stupidity of their own base. Not sure how well it’s working but there must be enough of the idiots to cause them to delay the rtsp firmware.

Isnt this the one that has a minute long delay because it basically has to record in minute segments and then broadcast the recordings?

I haven’t tried it, just saw someone talking about it on another platform and thought I’d post it here for people looking for other intermediate solutions while they wait.

“Other brands” also supply network storage solutions reliant on RTSP. By making Wyze equipment not interoperable with other brands, Wyze pushes its own services, [Mod Edit]

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Yea I do. [Mod Edit] your customers to stave away competitors. Now watch how fast the mod comes in here to take care of me cursing while managing to answer no questions from the entire thread.

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Do not waste the time with useless support!
People file complaint with FCC !
I had this one problem internet was down, so how cloud can work!
Is not safe!!!
As I sad Cam v3 went back to store!

You pass the message. It’s not my busted product. I’m just a beta tester apparently.

Well, I finally got to trying to install wyzehacks on my v3 and I am getting nowhere. I was trying to install from SD card and no success. How did you install wyzehacks on your v3 ? Thx

Is your v3 cam below the listed firmware version? If so then the SD card install should work. If not you might need to try one of the other methods listed. I haven’t tried it yet myself but I plan to tomorrow.

They did not list a version for the v3,

It looks like the SD card method is currently only for the v2 and the pan cams. The only way you can get it onto the v3 is through the remote_install.sh method.