RTSP Dafang Custom Firmware

So I finally bit the bullet and did a full reset on one of my WyzeCam v2’s and successfully converted it to the Dafang CFW.

Boy was I not disappointed.

Many of you know that I really like RTSP. I’ve published a bunch of info on threads and topics to help people out, but there’s always the fact that the RTSP firmware is buggy and separated like an ugly duckling from the mainline (so not cool).

There are a bunch of issues with the current Wyze specific implementation that, as a community, we’ve identified and reported. My hope is that the next RTSP build that has been promised will address some of these, but they are:

  1. Cannot hard set IP address (static IP)
  2. DNS lease expiration causes MAC address reassignment (Wyze masks the hardware MAC)
  3. No event data or remote controls (ONVIF)
  4. Cannot run without internet connection
  5. No hardware ethernet support
  6. Consistent audio issues
  7. No ability to set quality for RTSP stream

Enter the world of Dafang CFW. I had played around with the Dafang CFW when I just got into the Wyzecams. I was struggling to get RTSP to work in general and tried it out. The biggest stumbling block I had wad the fact that I couldn’t run the camera at 1080p and so many of the concepts at that time were foreign to me. So, I stuck with the Wyze RTSP and worked out all the quirks on getting 12 cams to work with a custom Zoneminder system.

Fast forward to today and I wanted to again take a look at the CFW. I followed the instructions, installed a custom bootloader, and now have an RTSP camera that addresses every single issue I listed above and it goes further! And I can run it at 1080p!

There’s a web interface on the camera that I can access:

I can override video AND audio settings:

I can integrate with MQTT so that all of the sensors on the camera are exposed:

Once that’s setup, I can use Home Assistant to view all the info from my phone, computer, tablet…from anywhere in the world:

And if I want it all…I can have it:

The downside…I can’t use the Wyze app…but with Home Assistant, you really don’t need it. Yes I know it takes a little elbow grease, but for those of us that are technically inclined, running Wyze cams with Dafang with Zoneminder as a DVR and Home Assistant make a powerful solution for you.

You don’t need Dafang either…I have a mixed pool of Wyze RTSP and Dafang that I’m testing.

I hope Wyze can at least match what the community has created…because its pretty cool and good companies should take cool ideas and run with them :slight_smile:


Hello will you share how you did this?

Sorry for the delay @bermudafox - I basically just followed the instructions at the Dafang CFW. Many of the other things are just standard setups of Zoneminder and Home Assistant. If you follow the guide on how to make your camera RTSP w/ Dafang, then Home Assistant is another application that then connects and reads the stream.

In my setup, my cameras:

  1. Run Dafang CFW and some Wyze RTSP
  2. Connect to Zoneminder for 24/7 recording and monitoring through RTSP
  3. Connect to Home Assistant for quick monitoring and 1 second image updates
    a. This is all accessible then through a mobile device anywhere in the world

That’s basically what I did to make it work.

@ElectroStrong did you ever have issues with your Wyze cams periodically dropping connection with the RTSP firmware? If so, has it been better with the Dafang CFW? I run Blue Iris, and it seemed that the more cameras I added, the worse the dropouts became. I’m down to just 1 wyze cam, and it’s been acceptable, but it’d be great if I could make use of the other 4-5 cams that I have lying around gathering dust right now.

Thanks.just playing around with the rtsp feed right now. Seems solid on the one I have done.
Will let you know if I do some more.

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@talz13 I did have drop out issues. The biggest issue revolved around the fact that sometimes the Wyze firmware would reset the MAC address causing a new IP address lease to be acquired. Basically, the Wyze app would still work but my RTMP feed would fail.

With the new firmware I have more options to control the RTSP feed. Since Dafang runs on an SD Card, I can also mount it and then chroot with an emulator to create compatible binaries to address even more issues (kinda like a Raspberry Pi or the older Awinner devices).

The stability of Dafang has been very positive for me. The biggest issue I have in my current setup is really the explosion of 2.4ghz wifi devices and the noise created. My next major focus is around router updates as some of my older routers (i.e. Airport Extreme) just don’t stack up to the newer models. Having a modern router with at least implicit beam forming helps many of my cams operate in a very solid manner.

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Will this work with the v3 cams? I still have 1 left after my wyze selloff and would like to make it useful in some way. I dont care 1 bit if its bleeding edge and can potentially brick the brick.


well that sucks guess its back to holding my papers from flying away

The Wyze branded RTSP firmware is supposed to be coming soon.

fingers crossed

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