I see a firmware upgrade is necessary for CAM PLUS. Will I still be able to stream video using rtsp if I decide to do this? If not, any chance this could be included in a future firmware release?

If you upgrade the firmware the RTSP will no longer work. It is an either or option, RTSP or CamPlus. I could be wrong about this but I doubt they have plans to add CamPlus to the RTSP firmware.

I figured that would likely be the case. I really need the RTSP on the camera I would have liked to add CAM PLUS on. For now I won’t be upgrading. Thanks.

I agree. I have one camera that I have to monitor real time and I do so using RTSP and Security Spy on my computer. It is very convenient to just have a window displaying the camera view while I work on my computer. It would really help to have Cam Plus as an option for this camera.
I have Cam Plus on two other cameras that I don’t have to monitor as closely.
Having to grab my phone to see what is going on is not optimal for me, since I pretty much live on my computer and with multiple monitors, I have plenty of space to have windows for viewing camera views.
To whoever is reading this for Wyze, please consider upgrading your basic software to include RTSP and be able to share all the updates that you provide.

I found out that you can get Cam Plus working with RTSP. You just need to activate the Cam Plus with standard firmware, and afterwards flash your camera with the latest RTSP firmware. I’ve done it and now have both working on my V2.

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