RTSP on new V2 cams

I currently have a couple V2 cams that were purchased a couple months ago running the RTSP firmware and are working well. I bought two new V2 cams this week and am attempting to update them with the ‘demo_V2_RTSP_4.28.4.41.zip’ firmware from this post https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026245231-Wyze-Cam-RTSP.

I am able to update the cams with the RTSP firmware on SD card but after update I believe they are bricked in a boot loop where the yellow light is constant on but I can hear a faint click every 2 seconds. The new cams no longer connect in the app after this. The only way I found to resolve this is to re-update the firmware back to the latest non-RTSP release through the SD card update.

Did the hardware change in the newer cameras that is no longer compatible with the RTSP?

I don’t know how the RTSP firmware will handle it, but the production v2 firmware page has this warning which might transfer over to the RTSP firmware also:

The RTSP support page does say this "At this time, we are not committing to ongoing maintenance for RTSP firmware.. I would guess the hardware would evolve beyond what the firmware was made for.

WYZE has been saying that since the first release of the RTSP firmware.

I recently bought a wyze cam 2 earlier this week to test out the rtsp functionality and it worked great. I ordered 2 more yesterday and I’m having the same problem. It’s weird, but maybe the hardware changed in between my two purchases. I talked to support but no help there.

Yep! Just relaying the old info to a new user.

I just bought a Wyze Cam v2 from Amazon only after confirming that RTSP was an available option for this camera, as my use case for it requires it. The first thing I did upon receiving it, was to attempt to install the RTSP firmware on the camera. The install seems to go fine, I get the faint blue light, etc, however, afterwards the camera is stuck in a boot loop. It clicks and the yellow light flashes off and right back on, then a few seconds later it clicks again. It just loops doing that over and over again every five seconds or so.

I reached out to Wyze support for help, but after >72 hours their response was for me to try reinstalling the same RTSP firmware again, which, of course, just results in the same issue.