Rotate image in 90° increments

Agree. Doesn’t seem it would be very difficult to add 90° to 180° and it would very helpful.

Fwiw, I know for sure they can do it. I’ve seen it in beta testing where an event shows thumbnail in landscape but rotated it 90 to portrait for playback without going into full screen. It’s simply a matter that wyze does what they want when they want.

I’m pretty much done with wyze. I feel they consistently over promise and under deliver. Wishlist items are not all impossible or expensive to deliver, but wyze is making the decision to crank out more beta level half ready products rather than address long overdue features. The last straw is the person detection. I had a feeling wyze would be moving to a subscription biz model eventually, a bit of bait and switch, so I only bought the one cam. I highly doubt I’ll invest in much more. Eufy is looking like a possible replacement as I look to the future.

+1 to this. I just installed a camera hanging upside down from a window because it helps with the ability to cable-manage more cleanly… and I go and open the app, expecting auto rotation only coming to find out that it isn’t a feature that exists. This should be a simple ask. “Rotate image 90°?”


Right now they will not rotate at 90 degree increments but if you have it upside down you can rotate it 180 degrees

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I did that… How can I get it to rotate 180 degrees?

Just kidding, special flower just found that setting. Disregard.


I am glad you got it figured out

I understand that. If the can make it rotate 180 degrees, why can’t they make it rotate in 90 degree increments? Sounds simple to me. And it would accommodate their customers…if that is something of importance to them.

Seems like you last sentence nails it.

Adding my +1 here. I have a long garage and mount the camera sideways to give a vertical view of the length of the garage from one end. Being able to have a 90 degree rotation on the App settings would be ideal as it’s a contortion to turn one’s iPhone to the side and try to view without accidentally having the image flip back to horizontal.


I do not work for WYZE, I am just a volunteer on the forum, so I can only guess as to why they have not done 90 degrees. My guess is it is due to the aspect ratio, 0 and 180 have the same ratio where 90 and 270 are different. That is just my guess though.

Why not just keep the same aspect ratio and fill the edges with black. You may lose some screen resolution but if it’s only an option it may be worth the trade-off for some users (like me).
I do think the hardware is a great deal. The construction quality and hardware features are excellent and I have been very happy with the reliability. The software seems a bit knocked together and not well designed from a UI perspective. But at least it works. I got a gut feeling the smartphone apps were outsourced and maybe there is a developer/codebase issue. Hmmmm.

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Agree - like the hardware, the software is outsourced, at least the software developed as part of the beta testing I’ve been a part of - not being an employee, I can’t say for sure its the same for everything but it does seem that way. Wyze seems to set the spec’s and parameters and maybe has a design in mind then hires the devs and manages the project and provides feedback based on the beta testers reports. So there is a cost for adding features that may be more than they can justify or that has to wait until they have enough of a demand for several features that could be incorporated in a major app update or overhaul. I’m guessing as much as anyone here but it seems plausible.

100 percent need this! Would love native portrait support. My front porch is much better suited for a vertical orientation. Not a fan of the current setup with having to full screen the video stream and hold it at an angle to see everything upright!

I am interested to see if there is going to be development on this front soon. The new doorbell camera is not 16:9 ratio, its 3:4. Excited to see how that change is implemented in app.

I’ve gotten use to looking at one camera level like on a table and turning device to see correct position.

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