Rotate image in 90° increments

Portrait mode (90 or 270) is very useful for everyone trying to monitor their front entrance for example, it allows you to see full height of the person, the floor (for feet, little animals, and package delivery), and the walkway (person approaching, car in driveway, etc) at the same time.

Since the Wyze cam is a passive monitoring system, I use it to watch for package delivery and also to help against package theft. I often have packages sitting from morning until late evening, and have been told others have had packages stolen very close by. knock on wood it hasn’t happened yet, but would like to avoid the problem.

Just yesterday, I observed an old man go through my recycling bin for cans. I got home and saw packages waiting. Took me a fair bit of video review to figure out that the delivery happened 4 minutes after the old man left, still during the 5 minute cool-down - so I never received a motion alert. Where the package was placed, I couldn’t see it in the film and had no idea it was there.

I have since reoriented the camera to 90 degrees and am trying it out in this orientation, which gives me the coverage I want, but not the application experience since I’m rotating my phone to horizontal to move to full screen and then upside down to view the right direction (since iPhone won’t rotate your screen if it’s upside down). Only solution so far.

Seems this feature has been requested a long time ago, would like to see implementation given the extensive interest from the community.

I also use the cam on its side to get the top to floor coverage - from head to packages left by door. FWIW, you don’t have to rotate phone to get full screen. Tap the 4 corner icon at the upper right of the event video and it shifts to full screen, to return to previous screen view, tap the 4corner icon in the lower right of the display. If it is upside down in full screen, select the rotate 180 deg in the cam settings. This is working fine on my iPhone with no twisting of the phone.

I would also love to see a 90/240 option available. I use my camera looking out my front door which has a narrow walkway. When the camera is in landscape mode I see a lot of walls.

For Android users, I highly recommend TinyCam (Free and Pro). It can connect to wyze cams and has the option for 90/180/240 views of the stream. Until Wyze supports it natively, that’s my go-to for this type of rotation.

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Hi Dongsheng. This feature is super crucial for some of the places I want to mount the Wyze Cam. Please consider adding this feature.

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The feature is “available” in the Wyze store but not in reality?!

On your webpage you have a picture of a WyzeCam base mounted to a wall with the camera box still oriented upright. How did y’all do that?
I have 5 cameras and some are limited by the 0 or 180 degree mounting. I’ve read some forums about not having the 90 degree video rotation because of the aspect ratio and I get that. But what about rotating the base 90 degrees (as y’all have done in the picutre) and keeping the camera at 0 degrees?

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Just pull out the base and rotate it. Then the magnetic base can be mounted to the wall.


Sidelined. Really? One of the biggest flaw is the lens degrees. If it was more than what it’s currently is then no one would need to turn it to get more in view by the camera.

I have one cam that is turned so I get more in view. In narrow setups, I don’t need to see walls. Turning allows me to see more of the walk area that someone would be using. There is no way I would buy more than 1 camera when turning is a viable solution. Too bad Wyze engineers don’t think this is a required feature.

With the wzye band and wyze scale products coming soon, both show where Wyze is going. Kinda wishing Wyze would stay the course and have 100% focus on security solutions. There are many security solutions that the market needs that are easier to attack than a whole new product line in a different new industry where Wyze would be playing catch up.

I have already surpassed the current functional use of the standard wyze cam and have invested many more $$$$ in a real world solution by piecing together wifi solutions with wired solutions. Wyze cams, sensors, and lights will continue to be a novelty product. With the new productions, maybe that’s Wyze vision?

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I got one sideways for same reason, to see who is coming to front door rather than than seeing large swaths of blank sidewalls. My workaround is to use viewing full screen for this cam more often. It’s easier to view it in full screen without rotating the phone or tablet. Leave device in its normal portrait orientation and the image will rotate to look normal. It’s not ideal because group view is still wrong. Also, beta testing the new Person Detection has far more failures with cam sideways. I’ve been sending in lots of missed detection videos so hopefully they help make it more accurate. In the meanwhile, I’m not holding my breath for wyze to provide any true security functionality. These cams lack pir which when combined with AI would give them a far more reliable detection. Not sure AI alone will ever be reliable enough for a security device. Basically, I’m considering wyze a low end home automation and casual monitoring solution, nothing more. Yes, they have some decent features, but not enough and chasing revenue in crowded markets isn’t showing any type of focused management strategy. My guess is they are trying to become an attractive acquisition target for a company with deep pockets.

Wyze is a smart home technology company. They never intended to be just a security solution company. You can read about it here, Our Story. :slight_smile:

I also am really just looking for a portrait view. Seems like 90 degree rotation would also be nice though for when there is a need to mount it on it’s side.

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Hey, thanks! I already got the vote, voting is actually what got me to start the account. Honestly thought I had already voted on here before, guess I’ve just been creepin’ though haha.

Glad you’ve graduated from lurker to a fellow User :). This topic is labeled “maybe later”, which means its here gaining votes, but doesn’t have any resources devoted to it. If the label is changed to “researching”, that means it has Wyze resources looking into it. Welcome again!

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90/270 degree option, please. I have to mount the device sideways and viewing is no bueno.

I would like this feature as well. I have a wall mounted cam and would prefer to keep it flush and just rotate the image 90 degrees.

Come on guys, you have an excellent product and I have purchased numerous.
It can’t take you years or months to add in a 90º rotation to the camera software. I have this camera located between the window blinds and the window. Both bottom and top of the window has aluminum trim and screens, but 2/3 up is clear. To mount it here I need to have the camera sideways, but being stuck with only a 180º rotation does not give me that option. Lets make this happen in the next software or firmware release.

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I have a similar use case. The camera goes on the side of my window due to the connection point being low. Having portrait or 90/270 degree rotation will be great. The camera works fine tilted I just arrange my phone screen to view recordings but it causes an issue with person detection. Due to the angle it will not detect the person for me.

I have my V2 cam rotated 90deg because I need a more vertical view of the entry area from the sidelight window next to the door. Person detection has been working fairly well until I started testing out beta firmware. I went back to .111 and it been doing well at roughly 9 out of 10 person events. It misses some due to the cool down or at times it seems like those wearing dull colors on overcast days are not detected, but they show up as a motion event. Those using CMC don’t get any person detection yet.

I deal with the 90deg rotation by using the full screen option but leaving my phone in its normal portrait orientation. In one case it was upside down to I enabled the 180 deg flip and it’s fine. It’s not elegant to have the standard window view stuck in landscape, but at least full screen gets the job done.

Big me too on this one. I have an area where a portrait mode image is more useful than landscape.