Rotate image in 90° increments

With my one cam on its side, if I view any event, playback or live stream full screen and hold my phone in its normal portrait orientation, then I view the video correctly until I select it to return to page view. It doesn’t flip back to landscape unless I rotate my phone.

I can understand the landscape views fit better on the app home screen and event listing, but we should have a video viewing and playback option for each individual cam to be portrait and if we select full screen for that cam, it should remain in portrait mode.

This still needs to happen. I get a much better angle on my porch and driveway when the cam is turned 90 degrees. I can see the entire porch, door and driveway when tilted. In a normal orientation I get a bunch of brick wall and some porch.

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I totally agree, I was just saying the full screen workaround satisfies for casual viewing every so often. But it is a royal pain to open every event and switch to full screen to view it normally.

My view is our front entry area and vertical is the only way I can see both people walking upright toward the door and also the landing of the entry to see packages left there. The normal horizontal view will only show me either the upper head and face area or tilted down to watch for packages it would miss people from the waist up while giving me great views of the stucco walls on each side. It is a pain to have to always use full screen. Plus people recognition is non-existent 99.9% of the time. If they could manage a 90 rotation then apply the AI, it might work a lot better.


Please let us turn the camera or rotate it in 90 degree increments!!

I’m with you - this type of view tags about 1 of 100 or so persons - I assume the detection logic is on the uploaded clips not in the firmware. Switching cam to normal landscape view gives a great shot of the side walls, but either cuts off heads or misses packages.

Not surprised really because the detection algorithm only identifies vertical forms, not horizontal. I know I’m asking too much, but it’s sometimes useful fieldwise to do 90 degrees.


I concur. I put my camera on the side of a bookcase, pointing to the front door. I have it now at 45 degrees so I can tell, but it should be at 90 degrees for best viewing.

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Any chance we can get a Wyze member to update us on any sort of internal progress or scheduling to offer this feature?

I’ve scoured other manufacturer forums and it looks like many have the same restriction, with hundreds of people on their community boards waiting YEARS and no response or timeline from mfg.

With the incoming outdoor cameras, this portrait view becomes even more important to monitor outdoor entryways and corridors.

Anyone using the RSTP firmware to get around this limitation?


#wishlist topics can have one of three tags, “Probably-not”, “Maybe-later”, and “Researching”. If this topic changes to “Researching”, then that means it is on Wyze’s radar. It it goes forward, it would then move to the #roadmp category with the tag, “In-development”. Please see this if you would like more information on how #wishlist and #roadmap work. :slight_smile:

Please read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap .


Thanks for the ding, i certainly am aware it it shelved, just wanted to kick up some leaves as i plan to replace with another brand for the couple of locations requiring this feature. (and don’t want to drop the extra $)


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Agree. As the cameras have more of a landscape view, I have a camera turned 90 in garage to get all the floor space on video. If it was turned normally, I get more walls on the screen and don’t get all floor space.

So with the camera 90 degrees I just look at phone on table / horizontally and turn the phone I see in the expected angle (in lou of 90 degree view).

Seems like a simple code change to be a status of: maybe later!!!

I have to do same side mount to view the entry area to my front door in order to capture both people’s heads and the landing where packages are placed by the door, normal mounting for landscape view either cuts off heads or misses packages while giving me a great view of the tree shadows on the two side walls. The only way I get a vertical playback or live view is to select full screen and hold phone vertically. My biggest complaint is that people detection fails far more, maybe 5% detection, than when normal mounted for landscape view - my rear cam detects me out back nearly 90% of the time, at least during bright daylight.

Agree. I have one in a similar fashion(portrait mode) to get all activity (no one other than spiderman will be on my walls - lol). there are so many youtube and facebook videos with portrait style view that its normal to play videos with bars on left and right(if not look on phone). I just place my phone on table and turn to see in correct position to my eyes.

If coded correctly the app could handle this 90 degree turn.

That’s what I ended up doing with iSpy

Portrait mode…please

yes vote for 90 degrees…

it kinda irks me instead of listening to customer feedback wyze response is “you dont need that use case, so we arent gonna do it”

telling customers what they want in the 21st century is a recipe for going out of business. i own 4 cameras as i POC a larger deployment but this stopped me in my tracks.

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Hello @soporosekoala and welcome to the community.

WYZE listens to customer feedback, they have done many things based on customer feedback. I have never seen a response from them that you quoted. According to the wishlist topic it just says ‘maybe-later’ which means they have not ruled it out but are not actively working on it.


Yes please. Need 90 degrees to see a person’s face and monitor packages left in front of door on the ground when not home, and am able to see both only at 90 degrees. Wide view tends to capture much more motion in the background instead.

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I put my cam on it side. It’s the only way this will work because the orientation of the sensor appears to be landscape. So what the cam will capture in normal position will only be landscape. It has to placed on its side to physically have the sensor capture the vertical area we need. Doing this gets good coverage of the view, but the normal display in the app is now sideways. It would be nice to have the normal view to be rotated 90 deg. Meanwhile a simple solution is to tap on the full screen icon but continue to hold your phone normally in vertical or portrait orientation.