Rotate image in 90° increments

I would also like to be able to rotate the video 90 degrees as my camera could only be mounted sideways.

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I’d also like a way to rotate the camera 90 deg (physically if necessary)

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That’s NOT FAIR! I want to see down a narrow corridor from top to bottom and not have three quarters of the picture blank walls! I want to turn my camera on it’s side and view the entire vertical video scene. Still pictures are no problem because you can always rotate the picture to the portrait format with post-processing software. GET ON THE BALL – ROTATE THE VIDEO 90 DEGREES!


I agree, 90 degree increments would be helpful.


I need 90 degree rotation so I can see the vertically narrow entry area of my home - putting the camera on it’s side gives me the vertical coverage but the image is sideways - a 90 deg rotation would put the image back into normal position while offering the vertical aspect I and many others need. Sure seems like if you can flip 180 deg then flipping 90 deg should be a simple programming issue. Like offering portrait orientation instead of just having it in landscape.


Portrait orientation + 180 degree rotation is sufficient.

I just had my two Wyze cams installed today and I love them. For the front door one, I meet the same issue many are discussing here: lack is vertical view range. The first impression is to rotate the image 90 degree. But the image will suffer from the fixed aspect ratio. In this case, vertical mounting and portrait view will be the best option, I think. If this feature is available, it won’t need 90 degree rotation.

Portrait mode is what people need here.

Yes, as I got to thinking about the issue, I proposed adding an option for portrait mode. Problem solved. For now, I’m forced to view a sideways image. It works to give the broad vertical view, but it is shown sideways and playback is a total hassle. If I hold my phone at roughly a 45 deg angle before it auto rotates image, it looks halfway decent. It should not be a difficult modification to add the portrait option.

No brainer - portrait mode / 90 degree rotation definitely needed!

The physical camera sensor is a rectangle in landscape orientation. To get a portrait view, i would think it could be done with software but your resolution would be very decreased and have black bars on the side to maintain the aspect ratio. Best bet would be to use RTSP to send the video to Blue Iris or Ispy or something so the image can be used in portrait, and mount the camera at a 90degree angle to be able to use the full 1080p resolution.

Don’t mean to be condescending but - duh! I think everyone knows no one is asking to rotate the sensor 90 deg - I suspect it’s soldered to a board so a most unlikely option. Pretty sure I speak for everyone that it’s the display side limitation in the app. I’ve used DSLRs forever and on the play back or image review function, I can opt for it to auto rotate vertical shots. Meanwhile the image on the SD card remains sideways. When I display those images in say a digital frame, I can set a menu option to auto rotate vertical images. I admit not many PC apps will auto rotate but it’s an easy menu selection to rotate image. It’s not some obscure option being requested and there is no hardware change required. All that’s needed is an option in the camera setting to set its mounting position - horizontal or vertical - then the replay can either remain normal or be rotated 90deg. If it displays upside down, they already got the 180 deg flip.

Fwiw, there is a semi-workaround - on my phone if I tap on the full screen option, the app assumes the phone will be physically turned 90deg to view in landscape, but if you do not rotate phone and keep it vertical then the sideways display will appear properly vertical.

I am using my Wyze v2 cam physically sideways (90°) for a hallway. It looks great but unfortunately I can’t change the video to 90°. Please allow 90/180/270 rotations.

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Frustrating huh? But a bit of a workaround is to view events or live stream full screen but hold your phone/tablet vertical or in portrait orientation and it at least will look normal. Depending on which side, you might need to flip the 180 deg rotation option to get it rightside up.

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This would also be helpful to me. The way I have my camera mounted, It would be helpful to rotate my image 45 or 90°. See below:

I could also use this. Why not just offer the option of selecting a cropped area for the 90 degree rotation to maintain the aspect ratio.

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Image of my camera since the photos seem to make this point better

Rotate image 180 degrees then view in full screen. See my pic.

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Ya I do this all the time. Due to needing the vertical coverage, it would be nice to have the software rotate the image then apply the detection ai. The 180 flip depends on which side it’s on, mine is right without it. But I get zero people detection now. If the software could rotate then analyze, people detection might work.

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I would also like this feature. Even if it was implemented in a quick hack way that just allows viewing the video in full screen portrait mode on the iOS app. It sorta works as is, but will quickly rotate the interface back out of full screen since you’re still holding the device in portrait orientation.

I am waiting on this option too(90 degrees rotation), it will make things much more easy for me.