Rotate image in 90° increments

The sliding door has wooden blinds mounted on the top. So there is no place on the top to mount the camera, it must be mounted on the side so the blinds fall around the camera.

Ahh I got you now. Thanks.

Is this a V3 Camera?

Yes, fresh out of the box.


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Could you use something like this? I have on my in-laws house:

Basically, it connect to the bottom of the Camera

Thank you. I am an engineer, and know I can almost always find a workaround. That does not mean that Wyze is absolved by not offering a 90 degree rotation option

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I understand. we need options.

The thing is it’s a simple environment variable in either the docker wyze bridge or in the ffmpeg homebridge plugin. It’s not impossible to implement. In fact during beta testing the doorbell often displayed in landscape until they added the rotation so it’s clear that the wyze coders have the capability - it’s not that hard to add an app toggle to enable disable the rotation. It’s truly baffling why wyze is ignoring this.

I have 2 v2 - one is fine in its normal orientation with the landscape view of the patio, the other I bought specifically to watch the front entry but when I set it up, the landscape view either cut off the top or the bottom so I set the cam on its side and bingo, perfect vertical coverage but the app displays that vertical coverage in its landscape orientation so you have to tilt your head or tap to open in full screen but don’t rotate phone. Or what is working well for me, using ffmpeg to rotate that cam to display it vertically in HomeKit.

How many more people are needed for this feature to be added? I honestly dont think it’s a big deal to add this as a software update to the app. Also, the camera does not detect people while mounted that way which would be pretty useful. AI just detects people when mounted vertically.


In my case, I have the the wyze cam v2 mounted indoors looking through a window to the street (since I’m in mexico it would probably be stolen if I mounted it outside) and rotating it gives me a better view of the street in front of my doorway rather than on landscape mode.

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Check aspect ratio of the doorbell - it’s raw orientation is landscape but you rotate it 90deg for app display - you got no excuses to refuse doing same as an option for any cam. The wyze-bridge rotates any cam, ffmpeg in homebridge rotate any cam, scrypted can transpose any cam. This is just a case of wyze being stubborn - it’s absurd how you continue to limit functions that others have so easily proven. I mentioned ability to rotate any cam to the wyze bridge dev and next day he added the option to the updated program. NEXT DAY!

With my current account so screwed up since cam lite, your brilliant staff can only come up with “delete your account, reset all devices and start over”! No thanks! These 3rd party options are the only thing keeping me a wyze customer.

I have exactly the same, it’s why I bought my v2 cam in the first place since I wanted to avoid (at the time) an expensive doorbell and subscription. Plus my doorbell location is on sidewall so does not see those approaching or out on the front lawn or walk. In normal landscape it either misses packages on landing or cuts off heads of people, on it side for vertical coverage, it’s a perfect view from the side window. For the most part, person detection works fairly well. If it misses it still is triggered by the motion. Thankfully I found open source programs that can rotate and provide the streams for HomeKit so I have normal views in the home app. It’s somewhat of a pain to setup but tech stuff is just another learning challenge for this retired engineer.

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Incorporate rotate 90 degrees in app

Can you also incorporate rotate camera 90 degrees in the app just like you already have 180 degrees.
Thank you.


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4 years later,we are still waiting for 90 degree rotation. I don’t care about aspect ratio. I had to install 2 of my cameras in weird manner just to make them usable

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What’s most absurd is that Wyze does this already on their end for the doorbells, so implementing it as an option for the other cams should require no change to firmware. It just requires adding the option to the app and their backend software. It’s not nearly as difficult as Wyze has lead us to believe. The issue is Wyze only does what they can monitize. They originally had free PD, free 14 days stg. Now that’s become a guilt trip to pay for the original reasons many bought the cams in the first place.

Anyway this is commonly available in the variables used by several 3rd party (tiny cam I believe can rotate) or open source solutions. I’m using the docker-wyze-bridge and when I saw he had a variable to rotate the wyze doorbell in order to get it vertical, I asked if he could add that variable for the other cams. Next day it was implemented, plus can choose clockwise or counterclockwise, and now I have my sideways mounted v2 in portrait orientation in the bridge option for a web view and in the apple home apps.

Please for the love of everything. This absolutely should be an option. Yes, you wont get the full 16:9 ratio but 9:16 is just fine for a lot of applications. Be especially nice if the rotated video showed in the app and you got a nice, larger view when holding your phone in portrait mode.

You’ll get the full resolution just rotated 90 deg. Like you said 9:16 - that is full res. The 3rd party software I’m using does it just fine and it displays as expected in HD. I’ve also rotated it in homebridge and again, it’s been a simple task. What’s really irritating is that wyze is already rotating the doorbell video so it’s not some voodoo magic that they can’t figure out. It may be they can’t squeeze it into the on cam fw. But seems plenty easy to do it in the server end.

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Yeah, it’s not like we’re asking for anything totally outside the scope of their original purpose, like
a vacuum.


Please add this feature. I need it. Mounting the camera sideways is the only option and I have to turn my head sideways to view. This is a simple software fix.

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