Rotate image in 90° increments

Yeah, I’ve decided not to purchase other Wyze products if they won’t invest a few hours to fix a simple request that would make their products more user friendly.

No! I need a wider view rather than a tall view I NEED A 4:3 NOT A 3:4 VIEW
The wedge is not the answer. I need to rotate the view 90 degrees. I see the ceiling of my patio instead of the walkway. Please tell me it’s possible, without this I can not practically use the video doorbell.

There is another major issue: When the doorbell rings the App does not pop up so I have to loop for the App, open it scroll down to the video doorbell, launch it and wait for it to load. Am I missing something? Do I need to change the setting/configuration? I hope so.

Doorbell Pro add feature to rotate image 90 degrees

While installing the doorbell pro, I found that installing the doorbell horizontal gave me the best view. Problem is the image is now rotated 90 degrees in the app. When I turn my phone to see it, my phone rotates the image again. Just need an advanced setting to rotate the image 90 degrees. thanks

Unreal. 2022 and still no 90 degree rotation? Pffftt…

I just returned mine. bought a blink doorbell instead

Doorbell Rotation

Can you please do an update that gives the buyer the ability to rotate the wzye doorbell picture 90 degrees. We HAD to mount our video doorbell horizontally so then always have to turn the phone to see the picture when getting the doorbell alert. Thank you.

Hahaha 3 new posts in the last 3 hours for 90 degree rotation. Madness