Roku App

This would be a massive selling point for Wyze cameras. If one could monitor and control their camera on their television, it would draw interest to Wyze cam like no other cam on the market.

Example: If I hear a noise outside, using my roku is probably going to more handy than finding & logging into my phone, then launching an app in most instances.

A roku app would be amazing! I have a fire tv stick in the bedroom and realized today that I can see my 6 Wyze cams on my bedroom tv. The living room has Roku. I would love to see it there too!! Wyze, you are amazing people, make this happen. Please! :grin:

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Yes I agree as well they need to make one up that way you can watch it independently on a regular TV dedicated just for the cams cams!

I would love to be able to customize a Wyze app with a couple cameras large and then 4-6 smaller across the bottom. The ability to click Wyze on Roku and see a pre-setup camera view would be amazing.

To be able to view cameras on my Smart TV Roku ect… thru to web app.

A Wyze app on the Roku platform that displays my live Wyze cams would be great. Nothing fancy, just show the Live streams. I can use the phone for everything else.

Also, if Wyze can put some pressure on Amazon’s and Google’s smart speakers to simply cast the Wyze cams to a Roku TV, that would be even better. For example, “Hey Google, show Backyard Camera on Living Room TV”. For now, you can only cast to Chromecast and Firestick devices.

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This would be a great feature. Either a Wyze app or enable support for the existing IP cam app that already exists (but the existing app seems would require rtsp support)

I certainly support this. I highly recommend that a channel be created on (call it i.e., “Wyze Cam Viewer”) to enable Roku TV owners to simply display our
Wyze cams on a Roku Channel (no frills). What a quick, easy, convenient way to see what’s going on when we hear “strange sounds late in the night”. :sleeping: :worried: :relaxed: :ok_hand:

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I can not agree with the above recommendation more. I would love to see a Roku Client App to see my Cameras.