Roku App

Shoulder shrug I don’t know. I’ve had no issues

You’re using an entirely different system. I know it works on Fire TV. You’re saying it’s possible through a Roku app, which I’ve never seen any evidence of.

Yes but my wife has a Roku TV in her room yoga room that’s how I am getting my information. Yes the video that I posted is using a fire TV I agree with that. But like I said she has a Roku TV in her yoga room and is able to watch the cameras. When she gets home maybe I can ask her what she does or how she did it but she is currently on a 2 Hour drive to see a doctor and then she will be back home later this evening.

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Does her Roku TV have a Fire TV plugged into it? If so, certainly it would be possible.

No she has nothing plugged into it she just has apps enabled and that’s it

Cool. Well, I’ll be interested to see a video of this in action. Until then, I’m pretty skeptical. :slight_smile: Haha

Unfortunately I don’t have neither a fire tv nor a roku tv. I do have a 2019 roku ultra player that’s connected to an older Samsung smart tv.

Unfortunately, Folks like me are still left with little to no option for Wyze streaming on the big screen.

I also checked, and there’s no Amazon Alexa app on the Roku App/channel Store.

Yeah, exactly. That’s why I said “What Amazon app?” The only Amazon-related apps are “Prime Video” and “Amazon Music,” neither of which serve that sort of purpose.

I don’t know if Roku is android but Kindle is.

I using mine Kindle fire 8 to view Wyze app by placing Google play store on it. I try adding fire tv and fail. I came across someone put Play store on Fire cube to get Blue Iris to work.

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Did you ever figure out how she does it???

I look a Roku app store and came across camera app that do rtps.

Here is the firmware update to add RTSP stream.

I had problem with camera names and Alexa. So I came up by using patio 1 and patio 2 or driveway 1 or driveway 2 and no problem with Alexa now.

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